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Does it seem ironic, if not among the oddest political twist of fate since the beginning of time, that candidate Donald Trump won Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania in 2016, based on promises? Yet, President Donald Trump lost Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania in 2020, following his spectacular deeds which greatly benefitted each state? Inquiring minds want to know.


While the president is awaiting numerous court decisions, there is much to do! Whether or not justice will prevail, rightfully according Trump his 300-plus electoral votes and victory for a second term, or if the dastardly Democrats pulled off the greatest coup in our nation's history, via massive fraud, and send us down the rabbit hole of socialism, here is a ready-made list of to-do items for the next two months.

Stick it to Big Tech

Big Tech needs to be thoroughly reined in now. The brand name tech giants are guilty of supporting Democrats with in-kind election interference. This is a federal crime, and the top officers of Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc., need to be indicted. 

Ample evidence illustrates that they have blackballed target GOP individuals, manipulated search results, temporarily or permanently suspended accounts, and so much more. They have earned the right to be stripped of their "Section 230" special status, primarily granted to public utilities, and not to private, highly biased internet technology companies. Without question, Facebook and Twitter now act as publishers, and in no way can claim public utility status.

Why Google was not divvied up years back into at least four to six companies is a mystery. The company has been contorting literally multi-millions of search results for at least the last decade. Moreover, their overarching intent, as documented by Veritas and other investigators, has been to overthrow President Trump and to install the leader of the Biden Crime Family.


John Durham, Make Your Play

John Durham, for whatever reason, had nothing to report even through early October. Well, he’s had another full month. The criminality on the Left, going back at a minimum of four years, has been beyond the pale. It is time to insist that Durham release some or most of his findings, make indictments, and see to it that the guilty are punished. Clearly, if the Democrats prevail in the 2020 electoral count, they will axe Durhams’ investigation in nanoseconds.

Christopher Wray needs to be terminated, even if his replacement would be replaced in January. Wray is beyond a disgrace to the U.S., let alone to the FBI, the Department of Justice, and law enforcement. His reflexive inaction could well suggest that he’s been compromised to the point of uselessness. He protects a special class and seemingly has no interest in the rule of law. Worse, he is a committed, serial liar. 

The CIA’s first female director, Gina Haspel, also needs to be fired. She knows where all the bodies are buried and is far too protective of the Agency. She has deliberately slow-walked crucial documents which reveal the pervasive plot to overthrow President Trump. There can be no excuse for the CIA’s long-term non-compliance, particularly on the heels of Congressional as well as Freedom of Information requests. Haspel needs to be replaced by someone who is dedicated to leading the agency in accordance with the oath of office.


Shake Up the Department of Justice 

Much has been written about what a great guy Bill Barr is. Still, he has been beyond slow to take needed action. Pervasive evidence of malfeasance, uncovered by Judicial Watch and Project Veritas – groups that are focused on preserving the republic – have offered Barr a treasure trove of prosecutorial starting points. Barr, however, has failed to act on nearly all of them. 

To be sure, Barr inherited a Department of Justice swamp that reeks to the high heavens, as a result of the non-leadership of Jeff Sessions, the corruption of Loretta Lynch, and the serial criminality of Eric Holder. Nevertheless, Barr has had ample opportunity to have embarked upon much of the evidence handed to him, and he’s done next to nothing. 

Why pray tell, do the likes of John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, William McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and so many others stride about freely? Why do many still retain their security clearances? None of them should ever be allowed back in the once hallowed halls of their former agencies. Between now and say, January 12, is more than sufficient time to ensure that each as his or her security clearances stripped.

Wait, There’s More

The president can pardon everyone that Mueller stung with a process crime, starting with General Flynn. Hillary Clinton is still walking, or waddling, around freely.


The Bidens – all of them – need to be under heavy investigation by the DoJ and interim reports, if not indictments, issued in early January.

And, yes, there is so much more to address in the next ten weeks, but more later…


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