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The Liar-in-Chief

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What if that America elected someone to the highest office, the U.S. presidency, who turned out to be a pathological liar? Not merely someone who was wrong on occasion, or told a lie here and there to avoid revealing state secrets, but someone who had an ingrained, refined ability to deceive?


Suppose this person dressed well and influenced the masses with his oratory skills. What if he could peer into a television camera or into the faces of audience members and deliver falsehood after falsehood without batting an eyelash? What if he could lie and deceive voters with no telltale signs of manipulation?

How comfortable would you feel if such a leader reigned for eight years?

Stupefies the Imagination

When one reviews the broad swath of Barack Obama scandals and lies over eight years, for which the mainstream press gave him a free pass, it is stupefying. Today, the press vilifies Donald Trump 24/7/365, twists virtually everything he says, and breathlessly calls him out based on their distortions. At times, Trump does exaggerate, boast, brag, and say things off of the cuff. However, in pure mendaciousness, Obama leaves him in the dust.

After his eight years, Obama supporters apparently still ignore or prove oblivious to his lies about major developments and national issues. Obama knew nothing about ‘Fast and Furious’? Nothing about Black Panther voter intimidation? He had no knowledge of the Veterans Administration scandals? He knew nothing about the IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups?

Obama had no involvement in sending senior advisor Susan Rice on a two-week juggernaut of political talk shows proclaiming that an insulting video prompted the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi? He knew nothing about NSA spying on reporters, and on average citizens? And nothing about the NSA spying on foreign heads of state such as Angela Merkel? And on France and on Japan?


If You Like Your Health Care Plan...

Obama asserted one dozen times on camera (the Politifacts, 2013 Lie of the Year), "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it." Later, via ACA architect professor Jonathan Gruber, we learned that the very foundation and premise of Obama's healthcare plan was based upon lies.

Obama, a former constitutional law professor, was unaware that handing out exemptions and tinkering with the ACA, even if it is called Obamacare, was against the law? He was unaware that his own Justice Department was bent on pursuing an ideological agenda as opposed to upholding the U.S. Constitution? He knew nothing of deliberate IRS campaigns to destroy tens of thousands of emails requested by the House Oversight Committee?

Obama had no knowledge of the 21.5 million social security numbers that were hacked from the Office of Personnel Management computer system? And he remained unaware that the EPA and other government agencies had paid poor performers, for years, not to work as their cases wind through respective federal bureaucracies?

No Ramifications?

In 2014, the Obama administration imposed 75,000 pages of new regulations on the economy, equal to 312 hardcopy books that you'd find in Barnes & Noble. His administration’s propensity for regulations and a burgeoning bureaucracy proceeded at a civilization-destroying pace. Black unemployment, black teenage unemployment, and the number of families on food stamps increased unceasingly. Do those who still "approve" of him not understand that his policies deliberately stifled our nation?


When Obama brought home Army deserter Bo Bergdahl in exchange for five Taliban generals, he did not understand the ramifications for Bergdahl's fellow troops, and the military in general? Obama's top henchman was Eric Holder, whose crimes while "serving" as AG should have landed him in federal prison. Never mind how he coddled the banking industry – he ignored more than 400 known cases of corruption of justice among DOJ attorneys.

These attorneys, firmly entrenched at the Department cared nothing about the law and everything about ideology and their own pocket books. They relentlessly targeted political opponents and those who stood in their way on insider deals. Just read License to Lie: When the Guardians of Justice Become the Perpetrators of Injustice by Sidney Powell.

Holder's obstruction of justice was a negative marvel to behold and he was the all-time poster child for what an AG shouldn’t be. Obama ordered or embraced everything that Holder did, and didn't do, and is equally guilty. Obama's vigilant efforts to contort our democracy were legion and he's still at it from his bunker in DC.

A Lap Dog Press

A liar-in-chief can maintain the sanctity of his office only with a lapdog press corps ready to back his inane policies, or to downplay the issues with which they take umbrage.


Lincoln said it best: "You can fool some of the people ALL of the time."

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