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The Epidemic of Ptsd (Post Trump Stress Disorder)

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Each day, it gets worse across the world, but especially in our country. The epidemic of PTSD (Post Trump Stress Disorder) is spreading quickly across the American leftist population.

It is easily apparent in a media that is 95% anti-Trump and includes liberal reporters who masquerade as objective journalists. Among the stricken are so-called analysts and who shout offensive questions at the White House Press Secretary at her daily briefings. It also includes CNN and MSNBC hosts, who are all liberal, and who constantly compare the President to Hitler and his policies to Nazism.

This epidemic has infected plenty of establishment Republicans and the entire leadership of the Democratic Party. These politicians refuse to work with the President and constantly look for ways to pursue impeachment charges.

One of the groups most impacted by this outbreak are Hollywood celebrities. Last week, elderly and over rated actor Robert DeNiro yelled “F... Trump” as he was supposedly participating as a presenter at the Tony Awards. The offensive comment was greeted by a standing ovation by the liberals in attendance. By the way, this is the same actor who has threatened to “punch” President Trump “in the face.” Of course, there have been no negative consequences for DeNiro and he continues to regularly threaten the President.

Unfortunately, the hatred toward President Trump has extended to his family. This week, 78-year old actor Peter Fonda tweeted “We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles.” This threat was taken seriously by Melania Trump, who reported the tweet to the Secret Service.

In a just world, the Secret Service would have immediately arrested this troll for making such a vicious threat toward a 12- year old child. Unfortunately, in America today, Fonda was not only not arrested, he was not even kicked off Twitter or his upcoming movie. In reality, Fonda was probably trying to become relevant and promote the movie with his disgusting tweets.

Peter Fonda is not alone in the crazed world of Hollywood as his fellow celebrities regularly blast President Trump and his family. Recently lame comedian Samantha Bee called First Daughter Ivanka Trump a “feckless C…” While a few advertisers abandoned her program, she was not fired. This is in contrast to Roseanne Barr who was summarily fired for an offensive tweet directed at former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett.

The double standard is amazing as politicians, celebrities and reporters are not punished for disrespecting or even threatening the President and his family. Such treatment of President Obama and his family would have never been allowed. 

Trump family members were not the only ones targeted by the left. This week, Kirstjen Nielsen, his Secretary of Homeland Security, was harassed at a Mexican restaurant by protesters. This group accomplished their goal and forced her to leave the restaurant. The protesters were avowed socialists and were led by a paralegal working in the Department of Justice. Instead of the protest leader being fired from her government position, she congratulated herself on Twitter by posting during the middle of the work day.

Nielsen did find any solace at home because protesters were camped out there as well. In front of her Alexandria, Virginia townhouse, protesters played audio clips of illegal immigrant children crying and chanted “no justice, no sleep.”

The hysterical left did not care that President Trump rescinded the policy and signed an executive order mandating that illegal immigrant family members who are detained remain together, but still in custody. They also did not care that President Obama had also kept illegal immigrant children in separate facilities. In fact, there are plenty of photos confirming these Obama era policies. Ironically, some in the media mistakenly tried to contend that the photos were taken in the Trump administration.

Sadly, this disturbing behavior is now being modeled by average Americans. For example, as the President was visiting House Republicans on Tuesday, a congressional intern yelled out “F…you.” Unfortunately, her name has not been revealed and there was no announcement of an arrest by the U.S. Capitol Police.

These alarming incidents are far too numerous. In October, a disturbed liberal threw Russian flags at the President as he walked to a meeting with Senate Republicans.  In November, an employee of a government contractor, Juli Briskman, flipped off the presidential motorcade while she was biking in Northern Virginia. Briskman was rightly fired for violating her company’s code of conduct policy.

When infected liberals like Briskman start facing consequences for their offensive and possibly illegal behavior, then maybe some of these threats and deranged behaviors will stop. Until then, the President and his family, as well as members of his administration, are truly in danger as the Post Trump Stress Disorder epidemic intensifies and spreads across the country, with no signs of stopping any time soon.

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