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The Best Presidential Transition In American History

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In his inaugural address, our nation’s 45th President delivered a powerful populist message that reiterated many of the favorite themes from his successful campaign.


Obviously, our new President was sincere during his campaign and did not just recite popular themes to elicit votes. He does intend to give power back to the American people. In his 17-minute speech, President Trump accurately noted that “The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country.” He promised that “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.”

The election of Donald Trump was a complete rejection of the typical political games that have ruined Washington D.C. and caused misery throughout the country. The President noted the new approach by making a promise to the American people, vowing that “The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action.”

After eight years of a smooth talker as President, thank goodness, the American people have Donald Trump, a man of action, in the White House.

Will President Trump deliver on his bold promises? Americans can take heart from the example of his presidential transition, the best in American history.

From the day of his election to the inauguration, Trump worked non-stop to deliver on his pledges to the struggling people of this country. His vow to “Make America Great Again,” was not just a slogan, but a true commitment to deliver hope and opportunity to a citizenry in need.

Despite constant media criticism and harassment, Trump assembled an outstanding cabinet filled with individuals of extraordinary talent. At first, he was criticized for taking too long with his appointments, but the rapidity of the selections easily outpaced recent administrations.


His critics also complained that he picked too many wealthy business magnates; however, these are exactly the type of people that the country requires right now. Our government desperately needs uniquely qualified people to lead departments that have been mismanaged for decades.

Trump understands the challenges we face. Instead of choosing a political hack like Hillary Clinton or John Kerry for the vital position of Secretary of State, he nominated former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, a businessman with sterling international credentials, who has dealt with leaders in over 50 countries and successfully guided one of the largest corporations in the world. If confirmed, Tillerson has the skill set to transform the bureaucratic morass at the State Department.

Most importantly, during this transition, Trump delivered on the promise of “jobs, jobs, jobs” for the American people, more than any other President-Elect in our nation’s history. Per author and financial executive Joe Hoft, Trump created or saved 1.2 million jobs in the transition period. If he was this successful as President-Elect, undoubtedly, Trump will be able to deliver great results for the American people as President.

Immediately after his election, Trump began earnestly negotiating for the American people. The stunning job announcements continued this week. General Motors disclosed a new investment of $1 billion in U.S. plants and plans to create a total of 7,000 new jobs over the next three years. This will include more than 450 new jobs that will be created when truck axle production moves from Mexico to Michigan.


On Tuesday, Walmart announced that the company will hire 34,000 new workers this year and open 59 new stores and 160 new specialized training academies for 225,000 of their employees. The overall investment will reach $6.8 billion in new capital projects for the upcoming fiscal year. According to Walmart Executive Vice President Dan Bartlett, these investments will “have a meaningful impact on the country.”

In another positive development, the Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Group announced this week a planned investment of $3.1 billion over the next five years and is reportedly considering building an automobile plant in the United States.

These business decisions have certainly been influenced by Trump’s rhetoric, negotiation skills and threats of a “big border tax” against automakers that manufacture vehicles in foreign countries, but sell them domestically. These same skills have been on display in the “massive cost reductions” that Trump negotiated “on military purchases and more.” Whether it is saving taxpayer money or creating American jobs, Trump is committed to deliver “big stuff” for the long-suffering people of this country.

This triumphant transition has been orchestrated by a newly elected President, unique in American history. Not only is Donald Trump the first billionaire to be elected President, but he is also the first non-politician to be elected since Dwight Eisenhower in 1952.

Trump has a distinctive style that is controversial and has created enemies within the political establishment of both parties, Hollywood and special interest groups and, of course, the media. These political adversaries did not support him during his campaign or his transition and they certainly will not support him during his presidency.


Moving forward, Donald Trump needs to continue to focus on his goals and deliver on his promises, regardless of the political obstacles. As President, he will undoubtedly have to go around his many opponents and frankly communicate with the American people on Twitter. Trump’s enemies hate his frequent use of social media, but this method of communication allows him to evade the media filters and political roadblocks and deal directly with the only group that should matter to our new President, the American people.

After an amazing transition and an inspiring inaugural address, the American people should feel very optimistic as our new President begins his quest to “Make America Great Again.”

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