Our Never Ending Obama Nightmare

Posted: Sep 14, 2013 12:01 AM
Our Never Ending Obama Nightmare

It has been a long five years, our Obama nightmare. Sadly, there are no signs that things will improve anytime soon. Of course we know about the damage the President has done to our economy, by massively increasing the debt, raising taxes and growing government. The results have been catastrophic to say the least: a national debt of $17 trillion and a labor force participation rate at the lowest level since 1978. Last month, an amazing 300,000 people left the workforce altogether, joining the 90 million Americans who have checked out of our economy. Inevitably, there will be more increases in food stamp usage and other forms of government assistance, as more Americans will be unable to provide for their needs on their own.

Along with the tragic economic consequences of Obama’s policies, Americans are now witnessing the dangerous effects of a left wing, inexperienced community organizer serving as Commander in Chief.

In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, an ally of America, was abandoned by President Obama, even though he kept the peace for 30 years. The result of our abandonment was that the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, assumed power and shredded the country’s constitution. The Egyptian military with the support of millions of Egyptians have reasserted power, but no thanks to the Obama administration, who remained on the sidelines.

In 2011, the President ordered the U.S. to support a NATO military mission to topple the dictator Gaddafi. The result is that the country is in utter chaos, ruled by tribes and lawlessness. Americans were horrified when our consulate was attacked in Benghazi by terrorists. After lying to the American people for weeks, the Obama administration finally admitted it was a terrorist attack. Incredibly, after one year, there have been no arrests and no justice for the families of the four brave victims. Witnesses to the attack have been prevented from testifying to Congress about the events of that fateful night. It is obvious that the administration is engaged in a rather unseemly cover-up of what really happened on September 11, 2012.

In Syria, the actions of the President and his team have bordered on total incompetence. Almost every wrong step has been made. Today, we are left with a situation where the U.S. has limited influence, while the power of our adversary Russia has increased tremendously.

More and more Americans are realizing that this President is not qualified to lead the nation. His poll numbers have been dropping rather dramatically. A new Fox News poll has the President’s approval rating at only 40%, the lowest of his presidency. Other poll results are equally abysmal. According to CNN, only 40% approve of his handling of foreign policy, another all-time low. Even worse, only 29% in the CNN poll approve of his handling of the Syrian crisis.

On the issue of Syria, Obama has been clearly out maneuvered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who made his case directly to the American people this week with a stunning editorial in the New York Times.

Putin is obviously feeling very confident as Obama’s Syrian policy has been both unpopular and ever changing. After promising to launch an “unbelievably small” attack on Syria, Obama is now backtracking and giving peace a chance, while retaining the right to strike at a later time. He is left with few options but to accept Putin’s leadership on the issue.

The Russians are now in the forefront, taking advantage of Secretary of State John Kerry’s misstep and leading an effort to remove the chemical weapons from Syria. In all of this confusion, Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is now feeling more confident and demanding that the U.S. stop arming the rebels before he relinquishes his chemical weapons.

The international community wants to avoid a U.S. attack on Syria. In this country, the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to a military strike, and Congress is very reluctant to give the President such authorization. Obama might become the first President in U.S. history to be denied the right to use military force.

The President’s policy is a total disaster. The civil war rages on, the Russians are in control and the dictator is still in power. Our “moderate” rebels have been exposed as cannibals, barbarians and terrorists linked to Al Qaeda.

To push his policy of a limited military strike, the President conducted six interviews on the network news programs, but it was no avail. He gave a prime time address to the American people to no avail. Americans are no longer listening to his propaganda, he is being ignored. In the meantime, Putin made more of an impact with his editorial.

It is a sad day in this country when a former agent of the KGB is more persuasive than our own President.