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Occupy Wall Street and Entrepreneur Investment

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Reading many blogs from various VC’s and entrepreneurs, I get the impression that they are on the side of Occupy Wall Street. Or, if they aren’t on their side totally, they are cheering for them.

Here is what I don’t understand. The VC and entrepreneurial community wants to fund businesses that are disruptive, make things horizontal, and decentralized. Currently, many of the hottest businesses take the power from dominant players and put it into the hands of individuals. There is huge power in catering to individual choice, and individual consumers can exert a great amount of influence over the profitability of a company. Freedom is unleashed and the power of that freedom increases productivity and profit. Individual choice benefits the masses.

Yet, when it comes to government, these same VC’s and entrepreneurs contribute, and actively campaign for Democrats. Democrats are the antithesis of where most of them try and earn a return on their investment dollars. Democrats are for huge centrally planned bureaucracies that always screw things up and cater to the middle, not the individual. Freedom is limited and restrained. Certain favored individuals get what they want, but the masses are left in the lurch.

The logic doesn’t add up.

Here is a different way to put it. If you are a VC that supports Occupy Wall Street, don’t invest one new dollar in Silicon Valley or Boston or Austin. They are the 1%. Invest in Detroit or Cleveland. Aren’t they the 99%? If you happen to be fortunate enough to earn a return, donate most of the profit to charity.

That’s what Occupy Wall Street is telling everyone, or at least that’s what I am hearing.

Link Love:

I love this video. Hey Occupy Wall Street, grow a pair and stop whining.

This guy kicks butt.

What if social media decided the Presidential election?

Does this surprise anyone? Obama is a White Sox fan.

Something to look at for trading info.

Want to know more about trading currency?

Make sure you get your omega 3's.

There isn’t any income inequality. It’s just bunk. Manipulation of statistics. Total BS. There is income volatility.

If you need to renew, or buy a subscription to a publication, help a kid (and a cute Ole Miss sorority) out.

If you still are a global warming devotee, click this link. It’s not happening. There is no global warming God. Not settled.

Should we teach math in schools? Let’s ask Miss America candidates.

The race within a race.

Occupy Wall Street is learning remedial economics. Ha. They really want to be the 1%.

Smoke and mirrors doesn’t work. There are economic consequences to every decision.

Who does he think he is? Al Gore?

I am headed on a big drive tomorrow.

Helicoptering money isn’t the way out. We may need an intervention for the intervention. Is their Hazelden for Keynesians?

Free markets allow for food to exist ($CME).

Just a point of information. None of the Tea Parties turned into mobs where thugs were arrested for drugs, rape, beatings, and public indecency. As a matter of fact, in a lot of places the streets and parks they marched in were cleaner than when the Tea Party first set foot there. Occupy Wall Street is a useless leftist movement for the most part. For the people that are truly frustrated, I empathize. But what OWS stands for won’t get you what you want. It’s tough out there. No one knows that more so than me. Try trading your own money against a bunch of computers. I write about changing the system so that it’s fairer to Main Street. Because frankly, it’s skewed to the businesses that control the distribution-and it’s Washington that writes the rules. However, I am better off educating the public, educating candidates and campaigning(and writing checks to) the candidates that will change the system rather than beating a plastic oil drum in a public park.

Besides that, I haven’t seen one proposal in any Occupy Wall Street platform that does anything to change the existing system to make it fairer to Main Street. All they want is either bigger government, or more socialism. Plain and simple. They say they aren’t against capitalism, but they certainly are against people and businesses making a profit.

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