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Editor's Note: This post was co-authored by Loyd Pettegrew.

For most Americans, the 2020 Election has, of late, been completely overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has brought death to thousands of our citizens and devastated an economy that was, just a few short months ago, booming and bringing historical prosperity across our nation. The stock market was reaching all time highs, and unemployment was at all time lows. Then came the virus from China and the American people were forced to accept a "new normal" characterized by quarantine, social distancing and shuttered businesses. This has become a tragic time for the American people.  


Not everyone, however, views the coronavirus pandemic as a catastrophe of near biblical  proportions. The Democrats, while wanting to appear as the sympathetic humanitarians on the one hand, see the crisis as a great political opportunity. 

The Democrats and Mainstream Media (MSM) denounce daily President Trump and his response to the pandemic. Sometimes the criticism is overt, other times more subtle. They blame the virus on Trump, not the Chinese, and present him as an inept buffoon, incapable of orchestrating a coherent plan for the nation. This is the crisis the Democrats have been waiting for to swing the campaign conversation and the election their way.

Joe Biden is now the default candidate for the Democrat Party. Bernie Sanders and a slew of other candidates seeking the 2020 nomination for President were clearly too radical in their socialist agendas for party leaders. Biden seemed like the safer bet and once in office, he could easily be manipulated by the party bosses to enact their far-left agenda. The MSM would dutifully lend their support. Biden's campaign will receive strong financial backing from Bloomberg, Soros, Silicon Valley, and the Hollywood elite. But just to be sure of a Biden victory in November, the real knock out punch will be his choice for a running mate. In selecting a woman or person of color as his V.P. running mate, Biden will unite the rainbow segments of his party. 


The leading candidates for Joe Biden's V.P. according to a May 7, 2020 CNN poll are Elizabeth Warren, followed by Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams and Amy Klobuchar.

Warren's campaign platform calls for an end to corporate lobbying, a wealth tax, single-payer health care, $15 dollar an hour minimum wage, cancellation of all student debt, and support for the Green New Deal. Kamala Harris wants single-payer health care, the Dream Act, higher taxes on the wealthy, a ban on assault weapons and legalizing cannabis.  Stacey Abrams would attract the black vote and pursue the agenda she outlines in her book Our Time is Now-- ending voter suppression, reclaiming identity and reshaping politics more progressively. Amy Klobuchar embraces pro-choice abortion rights, LBGT rights, the Affordable Care Act, and the Green New Deal.

The Democrat Party and Biden hope his running mate selection will be the shiny object in the monkey trap for the American voter. A monkey trap is a centuries old device that cleverly finds its success in the greed, gullibility and/or ineptitude of the victim. In the literal use of the term a monkey trap is a cage, coconut or gourd with a hole or opening in it with a banana or shiny object inside. The opening is large enough for a monkey to slide his hand in, but too small for his fist to come out after he grabs the desired object. The monkey could let go and be free, but his own ineptitude or greed makes him a prisoner to the trapper. And thus the 2020 Election monkey trap is set with Biden and the Democrat Vice president selection. 


The MSM will continue to showcase Joe Biden as the defender of the traditional Democrat Platform. Barrack Obama and members of his staff will come out as heavy hitters for Biden. They will make every effort to portray him as a wise old statesman who appears to the true believers as a polished and proven professional, holding himself as the sentinel over the Democrat traditional platform principles. By limiting his time on the debate stage and during party rallies, Biden’s handlers will try to minimize his cognitive impairment and create a polished persona that no longer exists. 

The vice-presidential nominee, on the other hand, creates the Democrat’s true monkey trap. Much of the electorate will find something in the vice-presidential candidate’s platform that will appeal to them, no matter Biden’s limitations. They will see the shiny object that potentially gives them something that looks tantalizing---whether it be single-payer healthcare, student loan forgiveness, open borders, the Green New Deal, or  greater concessions and benefits to people of color and/or poverty. This Biden/??? ticket will be a Trojan Horse with a Monkey Trap inside, once grasped will put America on an irrevocable path to socialism. 

The Democrat platform is, however, a very strong monkey trap, with all kinds of promises and shiny objects inside. The Democrats have positioned it on the very doorsteps of our homes. How the American electorate respond to this trap will be just as important, perhaps even more important, to our nation’s future and its citizen’s long-term prosperity than our response to Covid-19. This is what hangs in the balance of the 2020 presidential election. 


No one will die directly from the coming election, but our Federalist form of government and capitalistic economy are at grave risk. We must ensure in the remaining 6 months that only real citizens vote. To engineer victory, expect the Democrats to put on a full-court press for mail-in balloting. Also expect Pelosi’s House to enact nationally, California’s corrupt ballot harvesting--permitting organized workers (labor) or volunteers (Soros’ crew) to collect absentee ballots from certain voters and drop them off at a polling place or election office. Both methods are open to fraud.

Keep in mind that the Democrat's monkey trap platform only benefits progressive Americans. It will place heavy tax burdens and fewer individual rights on the backs of Americans for generations to come. The Democrat Party is now in the throes of socialism with a House of Representatives much more concerned about being woke than following the Constitution and the real needs of the people. 

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