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Why the Left will Continue to Win

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That the Democrat Party holds fewer political offices now than at any time since the 1920s does not mean that the left is losing.  Conversely, just because Republicans have been winning elections does not mean that the right is winning.

As I show in my book, Misguided Guardians: The Conservative Case Against Neoconservatism, the GOP is not now, nor has it ever been, a right-wing or conservative party.  Its rhetoric to the contrary aside, the GOP is every bit as much in favor of a centralized, administrative state as is its Democratic counterpart.

Nor is it for the sake of a right-wing agenda that neoconservative Republicans exploit this state power.

However, it is not my point here to revisit the multiple respects in which the neoconservatism of the GOP reveals itself to be a species of leftism. The point, rather, is to caution conservatives, libertarians, and others on the right against allowing themselves to be deceived into thinking that as long as the Republican Party continues winning elections that the right is winning.

In fact, culturally speaking, the left has been crucifying the right for decades.  Donald Trump’s presidency notwithstanding, it is still winning.

Tragically, I recently realized that leftists will continue to win the cultural war—at least as long as leftist and non-leftist Americans remain citizens of one and the same country.  

My reason for this verdict is basic enough:

Those on the “the right,” or at least those on “the right” who are in positions to make the kinds of changes that need to be made in order to defeat the left, simply don’t have it in them to do so.  For as difficult as it is to reckon with this ugly truth, face it we must.

First, “conservative” publications and pundits are constantly, and correctly, informing us that the massive leftist, anti-Trump demonstrations and rallies that have unfolded around the country over the last six months or so are financed by such millionaires and billionaires as George Soros.

Though they don’t expressly say it, these spokespersons for “the conservative movement” treat this fact as if its immorality is axiomatic.  Yet not only is its wrongness not self-evident; I fail to see how it is wrong at all.

There are “conservative” millionaires and billionaires, some of whom speak for several hours a day every week day on the radio and on television. Within no time, they could raise exponentially more than what would be required to subsidize and organize rallies and protests that would be at least as large as those that Soros and his comrades have been funding.

As I type this, at the grassroots level, some folks on the internet are trying to assemble “MOAR”—“Mother Of All Rallies.”  The latter is supposed to be held in Washington D.C. on September 16. It is a pro-Trump, pro-America rally to which the organizers hope to attract over one million attendees.

This One Million Deplorable march is something that our “conservative” millionaires and billionaires could help along.

But there is no indication that the mere thought of undertaking such a venture has ever even entered their minds.

Beyond this, these wealthy, influential “conservatives” never so much as draw attention to those grassroots patriots who have been taking to the streets, at considerable risk and financial cost to themselves, organizing their own pro-America, pro-Trump, pro-“Free Speech” rallies.  These rallies the patriots have held in liberal bastions throughout the nation.  They have often been outnumbered and threatened, but they persevere.

Big-named “conservatives” say…nothing.

Second, when Sean Hannity was in the crosshairs of the left, a couple of lesser known, former radio hosts decided to “fight fire with fire” by establishing Media Equalizer, a site that regularly releases the contact information of all of those companies that sponsor left-leaning media figures. Hannity expressed his appreciation, but insisted that he still opposed “boycotts.”

This stated opposition to boycotts is typical among “conservatives,” particularly those who, like Hannity, depend upon sponsors for their living.  However, what, we must ask, is morally objectionable about a boycott?  How is it impermissible to unite with like-minded consumers in issuing companies that sponsor offensive programming an ultimatum to either drop their sponsorship or risk going out of business?  People are free to either participate in the boycott or not.

Hannity brought some attention to the founders of Media Equalizer initially.  Since then, though, neither he nor any of his colleagues have sought to remind their vast audiences of this invaluable site.

As long as our well-positioned “conservatives” refuse to “fight fire with fire,” the left will persist.

Third, Trump supporters and those merely suspected of being Trump supporters have routinely been violently attacked for well over a year.  Fortunately, they have learned to fight back and, in some instances, they have turned the tables on their attackers and beaten them.  Still, the hostility toward Trump-supporters by the ever-proliferating “Antifa” (“antifascists”) and others remains toxic to the body politic.  

The giants of “the conservative movement” say little to nothing about it.  Much less do they offer to help assemble a network of Constitution-loving lawyers, say, attorneys that will be on the spot in the event that conservative street activists need them, or who can file lawsuits against the politicians of those cities that order the police to stand down as leftist terrorists destroy property and attack those with whom they disagree.

This network of lawyers could also sue the police departments of these “progressive” oases for failing to uphold their oath to “protect and serve.”

If, though, our big league “conservatives” helped to finance and promote pro-American rallies, much of this violence against Trump supporters wouldn’t exist, for their influence would insure astronomical turnouts that would render this violence futile—if not suicidal for those who tried to perpetrate it.

This list of recommendations is not meant to be exhaustive.  It is meant to show that the most prominent representatives of “the conservative movement” aren’t doing nearly as much as they could and should do to insure victory over the left.  

While it is undoubtedly important to draw attention, as these “conservatives” do, to the left’s outrages, unless this service is supplemented with other measures, with action, it begins to sound like whining and nagging.

The whole, “the left applies double standards when judging us” line, though true, becomes old.  

Unless the standard operating procedure of the official “right” changes and they begin to truly fight fire with fire, the left will continue moving along.    

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