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By now, there is scarcely anyone who isn’t familiar with the repulsive video.

Two young black men and their black female counterparts—let’s call them “the Chicago Four”—recorded themselves as they beat, bound, cut, kicked, and tormented a cognitively challenged white teenager over a two day period in Chicago.


These monsters in human form punctured their terrorism with explicitly racial taunts. They forced their victim to declare his “love” for “black people.” They also screamed, “F**k Donald Trump!” and “F**K white people!”

The world is outraged (or at least behaving as if it’s outraged) by this episode. This, though, is only because it has been made into a video that has gone viral. Black violence, including and especially black interracial violence, is as ubiquitous as it is horrific and it is has plagued the country for decades. To judge from the reaction of commentators to this latest story, one could be forgiven for thinking that the latter is an anomaly.

Tragically, it is anything but this.

Those who pretend otherwise are intellectually dishonest and, to be blunt, lacking in courage. Crime statistics consistently establish beyond the possibility of any credible doubt that in virtually every category blacks commit crime and engage in interracial violence at a far higher rate than do Hispanics, whites, and Asians. And the statistics coincide seamlessly with the mountain of anecdotal evidence that has accumulated from a staggering plethora of sources—including the daily newspapers of cities and towns from around the country.

Colin Flaherty, a fearless investigative reporter, has an entire YouTube channel devoted to doing the job that those in the media, both “liberal” and “conservative” alike, are unwilling to do. Several times a day every day he shares video of black criminality and violence from all over America.


In spite of all this, for years and years, leftist and alt-leftist elites have peddled the Big Lie that it is white racial violence that is the biggest problem. They have aggressively pushed the Big Lie that blacks are perpetual victims of “racism.” A whole industry, what I call the “Racism-Industrial-Complex” (RIC), depends upon this lie.

This being so, it is long past due for the promulgators of the Big Lie—let’s call it “Big Racism”—to recognize that their hands are not bloodless. Even those who do not harp on the fiction of black victimhood but who are fearful of expressing the truth are culpable.

And it’s high time for the rest of us to hold them accountable for aiding and abetting the likes of the Chicago scum on which the nation is currently focused.

To those who would object to my implicating our “anti-racists,” they should consider that in assuring generations of blacks that they are victims just by virtue of an accident of birth, “anti-racists”—RIC merchants—have helped them to believe that however indecently or outrageously they behave, however evil their actions, blacks can do no wrong, for they are simply responding to a “legacy of slavery” and “racism.”

To be sure, if the Big Lie wasn’t a lie at all but the truth, then it would be irresponsible not to pronounce it. In reality, though, the Lie is a lie, a gargantuan assault against the truth.

What’s worse is that it is a lie that undoubtedly has led to countless numbers of people, blacks and non-blacks alike, being harmed and even murdered.


There is another point. It is not by coincidence that the very same “anti-racists” who grease the wheels of Big Racism are one and the same people who are fanatically hateful toward Donald J. Trump. With respect to the President-Elect, they have been no more truthful than they have been with respect to American race relations.

Many Democrats and other leftists, i.e. those who occupy the ranks of RIC, have taken to social media (and other media) to assure Americans that the Chicago Four, though spouting anti-Trump rhetoric, weren’t motivated by any political animus. I agree with them. I’d be willing to bet anything that not only were the thugs not in the least driven by political considerations; neither did they have any reason to think that their victim was a Trump supporter or a political partisan at all.

At the very least, it is highly doubtful that anyone, regardless of race or party, would take issue with the verdict that the Chicago Four don’t know a damn thing about politics.

So, then, why would they scream obscenities about the President-Elect while acting with such hate-filled cruelty to an innocent human being? The answer, I believe, is actually quite simple: Whether they believed it or not, the Chicago Four imbibed the hateful and cruel lies regarding Trump that have served as standard Democratic Party boilerplate for nearly the last year.

Trump is a “sexist,” “homophobe,” “Islamophobe,” “xenophobe,” “anti-immigrant,” and, of course, a “racist.” This has been and continues to be the mantra of the left. To be fair, Republican “NeverTrumpers” have fueled these flames as well.


Moreover, the Chicago Four have probably been treated to a steady media diet of the patent lie that Trump supporters have been roaming the countryside since their candidate’s election in search of people of color to pummel. In addition, we now know that Democrats and their propagandists at the New York Times, Washington Post, and elsewhere have dehumanized Trump supporters by in effect justifying the violence to which the Democrats’ rental thugs have subjected them at Trump rallies.

Is it such a stretch to think that the Chicago Four monsters noticed all of this along the way?

I’d like to believe that this event of black-on-white brutality may help “anti-racists” and the Trump haters to take stock of the toxicity of their words. The power of the Racism-Industrial-Complex, however, leaves me skeptical.

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