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Trump’s Win: A Truly Historic Event—and Here’s Why

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Donald Trump will now be the 45th President of the United States of America.

The momentousness of this occasion can’t be overstated. It is truly historic for all sorts of reasons.


First, in a way and to an extent that no other event has, Trump’s candidacy and victory has revealed to all with eyes to see that there is in truth but one vast Regime, a complex of Big Government, Big Media, Big Academia, Big Entertainment, and Big Business.

Their assurances to the contrary aside, many once-influential “conservative” commentators and politicians have revealed themselves to be of one and the same piece as those of their “liberal” sparring partners. Thanks to Trump, we now know that the opposition between these actors is, essentially, scripted.

We now have confirmation in spades of what many of us have long known: journalists have none of the objectivity and impartiality that they’d like for us to think they have. In reality, they are Democrat partisans. Not even the pretense of objectivity has survived this election year.

Second, the thread that binds these cultural centers of power into one complex or Regime is their shared ideology. This creed we can call, for lack of a better term, “Political Correctness.”

The prevailing orthodoxy lends itself to more than one interpretation. Integral to it, however, is dogma on race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. It has its heroes and villains, its own version of medieval Christianity’s “Great Chain of Being.” The lowest link, though, the Villain of this cosmic narrative, is not Satan (as it is for Christians), but the White Heterosexual Male.


Deviations from this orthodoxy, whether real or imagined and however slight, ordinarily guarantee the offender’s banishment from the society of the Respectable. That is, they guarantee that the transgressor be forever branded as something like a….deplorable.

The Trump phenomenon marks a revolutionary event, quite possibly a transformation from one epoch to another. The dissidents, the blasphemers—the Deplorables—refused to be intimidated. From the Bushes, the Romneys, the Clintons, and the Obamas; disruptive violent black and brown racists and their fellow white “social justice” crusaders; Pope Francis; CNN, MSNBC, and such Fox News personalities as Charles Krauthammer, George Will, and Megyn Kelly, with the latter’s parade of NeverTrump guests; the Washington Post, the New York Times and virtually every other newspaper that refused to endorse Trump; National Review and The Weekly Standard; and such “conservative” radio talk show hosts as Michael Medved and Glen Beck—everybody tried to bully and shame the dissidents into viewing Trump as a social pariah.

The Deplorables weren’t having any of it.

This army of the heterodox and their sleeper cells besieged the polling booths on Election Day. Political Correctness was on the ballot. It went down to defeat.

Trump and his Deplorables, the David to the Establishment’s Goliath, won.

Third, Trump’s victory put the lie to another politically convenient fiction. The very next day after Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama in 2012, the Regime assured us that the Republicans’ days of winning elections were over lest they garner more of the Hispanic vote. This meant that unless Republicans passed “comprehensive immigration reform”—amnesty—they would be out of power in perpetuity.


Four years later, in spite of a record-breakingHispanic turn-out at the polls, the “anti-immigrant,” “racist” GOP presidential candidate not only clobbered his Democratic rival, he helped to deliver both Congressional houses to the Republicans. Moreover, he did this while gaining slightly more of the Hispanic vote than that received by the timid, chronically flip-flopping Romney.

It’s also worth noting that the governorships of some 34 states are now in the hands of Republicans, and the latter will be determining the Constitution of the Supreme Court and that of the federal judiciary in general for a generation.

The myth of the unstoppable Hispanic vote is just that.

Fourth, despite what the likes of Megyn Kelly say, it is simply not the case that everyone got the election cycle incorrect. The unoriginal, narrow-minded, craven, and dishonest groupthinkers of the Establishment got it wrong, wildly wrong. Some of them undoubtedly flat-out lied in order to determine the election outcome. Others were too lazy, disconnected from the pulse of the country, or fearful of being disinvited from Manhattan and D.C. cocktail parties to challenge the conventional wisdom.

Whatever little credibility the “experts” had left, Trump divested it of them.

Fifth, Trump’s defiance of the experts’ predictions at every turn from the time that he announced his candidacy to the time that he obtained the presidency also underscored the invincibility of their arrogance. In two respects, this arrogance catapulted Trump to victory:


(1)The arrogance of those in the media rendered them oblivious to either the possibility that they could be mistaken or the possibility that their lies would not bear fruit;

(2) Their arrogance repelled millions of Americans, sending them running to board the Trump train.

Finally, after being assured for months by both Republican and Democratic regimists alike that it wouldn’t just be Trump that would suffer a humiliating defeat but all of the Republicans on the down ballot, we see now that in real time, things are exactly the opposite: the Democrats were routed and the party is now on the verge of a civil war.

If there is a single moral to be gathered from these points, it is that the elites, the experts, have been spectacularly, scandalously, deliciously wrong.

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