Jack Kemp

Jack Kemp
Honoring Lincoln
February 03, 2009 |
A Letter to my Grandchildren
By Jack Kemp
Dear Kemp grandchildren -- all 17 of you, spread out from the East Coast to the West Coast, and from ...
November 12, 2008
The Treats to Our Markets
By Jack Kemp
Are Barack Obama's proposed tax increases adversely affecting our financial markets? We say yes, unambiguously. The senator has done a ...
October 28, 2008
Tax Cuts for the Middle Class
By Jack Kemp
This column is co-authored with Peter Ferrara, who is director of entitlement and budget policy for the Institute for Policy ...
September 16, 2008
Obama Versus McCain on the Economy
By Jack Kemp
"It's a paradoxical truth that tax rates are ...
August 08, 2008
Stop the Raid
By Jack Kemp
The future of Social Security presents not ...
July 23, 2008
Take a Timeout On Unfair Cell Phone Taxes
By Jack Kemp
It's no secret that these are uncertain economic times. With the cost of food and energy rising almost daily, one ...
May 19, 2008
A Celebration of Israel's Progress
By Jack Kemp
As I prepare to travel to Israel this June - my second mission for the American-Israeli Friendship League and the ...
May 12, 2008
McCain's Tax Policies Best for Nation's Future
By Jack Kemp
"McCain offers tax policies he once opposed" (headline, first page of The Washington Post, April 25, 2008) Ah, remember the good ...
May 06, 2008
A Strong America Needs a Strong Dollar
By Jack Kemp
In the early 1970s, as I began serving in the U.S. Congress representing Buffalo, N.Y., I remember the disdain (and ...
March 11, 2008
An Open Letter to Rush, Sean, Laura, Ann, Mark, et al.
By Jack Kemp
Dear fellow conservatives: I'm writing to you soon after Mitt Romney suspended his campaign and Sen. John McCain addressed the ...
February 11, 2008
Reform Entitlement Programs Without Increasing Taxes
By Jack Kemp
Believe it or not, federal spending has been stable at around 20 percent of the gross domestic product for more ...
November 27, 2007
The Link Between Foreign Investment and Peace
By Jack Kemp
Dear senators and members of Congress: I recently visited NASDAQ on behalf of NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott to help ...
October 19, 2007
The 25-year bull market
By Jack Kemp
The great "existentialist philosopher" Yogi Berra once famously said, "history is just one damn thing after another." Of course the ...
August 14, 2007
The GOP and the black vote in '08
By Jack Kemp
Watching the third debate between the Democratic candidates for president on PBS at Howard University, I was struck by the ...
July 03, 2007
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