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Xiao Yijiu/Xinhua via AP

At this very instant, it seems like the attention of the world is hyper-focused on the coronavirus outbreak. Schools are closing, stores are running out of bleach and hand sanitizer, and millions of people are finding themselves under mass quarantine. While it seems impossible not to focus on the spread of this virus, or to obsessively speculate on what the coming days or weeks have in store, it is also important to remain cognizant of the lessons being taught in the aftermath of  the chaos and the panic. Lessons, unfortunately, many are likely to forget.


Democrats Will Do Anything For Power.

Since Donald Trump came into power in 2016, the Democrats have fully succumbed to “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Whether it be rushing to paint a Supreme Court nominee as a gang rapist despite a shocking lack of corroborated evidence, painting one of the world’s worst terrorists as a victim and his death as the start of World War 3, or rolling the dice again and again in their shameless attempt to unseat a duly elected president, the Democrats deserve to be shunned by voters for their utterly contemptuous behavior.

However, what makes the actions of the Democrats immeasurably worse is that they are clearly willing to sacrifice the lives and wellbeing of American citizens in their pursuit of power. While debate over the optimal way to produce optimal results for society is (supposedly) the foundational purpose of politics, the Democrats have discarded this essential common principle. 

Setting aside both valid and invalid criticisms of the Trump administration’s handling of current  coronavirus efforts, the Democrats have been more focused on political profit than setting aside partisan arguments for the good of the country. For example, falsely claiming that Trump called  coronavirus a “hoax” demonstrates a deplorable disregard for the importance of bipartisan cooperation in the face of such issues. 

The Media Are the Democrats’ Partners in Crime.

The actions of the Democrats, as always, have been made possible by working hand in glove with the mainstream media. Bernie Sanders’ rise was made possible by the fact that no one was willing to ask him basic questions which would lead to his certain disqualification; Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline is conveniently swept under the rug; and Elizabeth Warren’s sporadic Native American heritage was erased from the history books by an adoring media with the sort of ruthless accuracy which would have made the Soviet Union proud.


Similarly, the mainstream media and the Democratic Party have teamed up to fuel societal panic over the worldwide coronavirus pandemic with the intention of associating any negative outcomes with the Trump administration. The New York Times happily published an opinion piece titled “Let’s Call It Trumpvirus” which blamed Donald Trump for a pandemic that hadn’t even happened yet. CNN posted an analysis piece titled “Coronavirus task force another example of Trump administration’s lack of diversity.” After all, is it even worth preventing a pandemic if we can’t do so in a diverse fashion?

Donald Trump famously (or infamously) referred to the press as “the enemy of the people.” While such rhetoric is both overly broad and undeniably inflammatory, it’s easy to understand why such statements are supported by so many when the mainstream media, time after time, delight in subjectively presenting their own opinions as fact in order to promote their own agenda.

China Is the Real Bad Guy.

In no uncertain terms, the Chinese government is responsible for this worldwide Coronavirus outbreak. Like so many other communist regimes, their early focus was aimed towards protecting the state’s image at the expense of the lives of their own citizens. Dr. Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist working in Wuhan, was reprimanded by local police after he raised the alarm in late December. Soon after he (presumably involuntarily) signed a statement which acknowledged making “false statements,” he was hospitalized with a coronavirus infection, and later died.


The driving factor behind China’s most recent worldwide pandemic is the obvious fact that China is not a good-faith actor on the world stage, with the blame for the lack of scientific understanding needed to effectively combat the spread of coronavirus landing squarely at the feet of the ever-secretive and non-compliant Chinese communist regime.

Again, the fact that China’s government is unfazed by suffering and death shouldn’t shock anyone who has any understanding of modern Chinese history. The communist Chinese regime came into being through “The Great Leap Forward,” which resulted in tens of millions of deaths. More recently, the Chinese government’s “One Child Policy” resulted in child abductions, sterilizations, and hundreds of millions of abortions. By this unimaginable metric, why would they lose sleep over a mere 100,000 infections?

The Chinese communist regime has been, and will always be, a deeply immoral actor on the world stage. The fact that people are only waking up to this fact when they find themselves as potential victims of China’s failures is indicative of our unique brand of western selfishness. When, God willing, we are able to force the coronavirus into retreat and we no longer find ourselves under direct threat, will the continued crimes of China again fade into insignificance? Will we continue to ignore their blatant disregard for basic human rights as long as our consumer products remain cheap? Will we continue to ignore that 1 million Uighur Muslims are being kept in concentration camps by the Chinese government as long as China’s sweatshops can continue to deliver our latest iPhone?


Ultimately, we know the answer to the questions posed. As a society, we are embarrassingly short-sighted. One way or another, we will beat the coronavirus. However, unless we learn these three lessons, and act accordingly, we will find ourselves locked into the same inescapable cycle where we are the intellectual victims of the media and the Democrats, and the physical and moral victims of the Chinese government.

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