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The human rights activist mentioned in this column title is also a Presidential Medal of Freedom winner. More fascinatingly still, he’s also black. Even more amazingly, he’s a foreign “Latino” human rights-activist from a nation where recent polls show over half the residents craving to emigrate to the U.S.


With this profile, what odds would Vegas give that he’s a current Donald Trump basher?

Instead Oscar Biscet (the activist’s name) is a Spanish-speaking Cuban dissident and current Trump backer, who seems to understand the English language better than many native-born, ruddy-cheeked, apple-pie eating Americans, from to Karl Rove Jeb Bush. He especially seems to understand the word “illegal.”

"Trespassing through any country's border without authorization is a crime punishable by law,” observed Biscet in a Spanish-language tweet from Cuba last week. “Today we are all Donald Trump.”

The anti-communist dissident Biscet was jailed and tortured by the Castro regime for peacefully protesting the Stalinist regime’s policy of forced late-term abortions via the drug Rivanol. "The umbilical cord was cut,” revealed the medical doctor Biscet back in 1998. “And they (the babies) were allowed to bleed to death or they were wrapped in paper and asphyxiated."

Not that most of you have ever heard of this abortion policy from the Castro-accredited U.S. media that “reports” from Cuba.

What most of you probably have heard from the Castro-accredited U.S. media--from CNN to NBC, from ABC to NPR, from the AP to CBS--is those miraculously low Cuban infant-mortality rates. That the Stalinist regime’s abortion policy plays an enormous role in these (nonetheless bogus) low infant-mortality figures is not something the Castro-accredited U.S. media would dare venture to investigate. That Castro-accreditation, you see, could suddenly go “POOF!” and vanish.


“From covering Havana’s night-life! -- to reporting on the Iowa caucus? No thanks!” react all those intrepid U.S. “investigative reporters.” So they dutifully keep parroting the Stalinist regime’s propaganda handouts--and comfortably remain in Cuba.

(By Biscet’s “backing” of Trump by the way, I simply refer to his support for Trump’s recent comments on immigration and his calling out the hypocrisy of Trump’s critics on this issue. Donald Trump as a viable U.S. president presents a totally different issue. For one, if he were made aware of it, Biscet would likely oppose Trump’s support of a woman’s “right to choose.”)

Cuba’s judicial system, lifted from Stalin’s during the Great Terror, sentenced Oscar Biscet to 25 years of prison, of which he suffered 11. honored by Amnesty international as one of its official “Prisoners of Conscience,”-- not that this has much induced the U.S. media to ever mention Biscet.

There’s just something about suffering communism in the flesh that makes a person recognize the swinishness and hypocrisy of fashionable and politically-correct western society. We saw the same thing with Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Vladimir Bukovsky. Initially these Soviet dissidents got some perfunctory “hear-hears” from the Western political and intellectual smart-set. In short order, however, both came to be shunned as reactionary cranks.


Biscet hasn’t even managed the perfunctory “hear-hears” but he’s already pointing out the smart-set’s swinishness and hypocrisy. “And just what's behind all the complicity and hypocrisy by NBC and Univision anyway?” he adds in last week’s tweet. “NBC and Univision mutilate freedom of expression. They denounce and censor Donald Trump but always promote the Castro-Communist dictatorship."

Amazingly again, it was Jeb’s brother George W. who awarded Oscar Biscet his Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007 (in absentia.)

Cuba’s Oscar Biscet suffered longer in Castro’s Gulag than Alexander Solzhenitsyn suffered in Stalin’s Gulag—and for essentially the same “crime.” Both Solzhenitsyn and Biscet refused to renounce truth. “Live not by lies” famously advised Solzhenitsyn.

“When you know the truth, the truth will set you free. When you know the truth, you change,” Biscet explained during an interview with the Catholic News Agency.

That such a man is also unafraid to insult the insidious power of American political correctness and fashionable opinion when they trample truth--this should not be surprising.

This penchant for truth probably explains the virtual media black-out on Biscet’s suffering which took place 90 miles from our shores. Consider:

Anti-communist human-rights activist Oscar Biscet was jailed and tortured after a closed kangaroo trial by a Stalinist, terror-sponsoring regime that craved to nuke us. His “crime” was peaceful protest. All this took place 90 miles from U.S. shores in a locale absolutely lousy with international press bureaus and their intrepid “investigative reporters.”


This fiefdom, by the way, is responsible for the jailing and torture of the most political prisoners (many black) per-capita of any regime in the modern history of the Western hemisphere, more in fact than Stalin’s at the height of the Great Terror. But from the media all we learn is that it provides “free and fabulous healthcare” while bravely suffering a “cruel” and “archaic” embargo by a superpower.

Nelson Mandela, on the other hand, was convicted by the independent judiciary of a U.S. ally after a trial perfectly open to international observers and declared “perfectly fair” by many of these observers. Mandela’s crime was terrorism.

Can I venture to guess, dear readers, which one of these Black political prisoners you have heard most about in the U.S. media?

Thought so.

And regarding that poll showing half of Cubans currently crave to leave Cuba. This refers to a nation with a standard of living formerly higher than half of Europe's and swamped with more immigrants per-capita (primarily from Europe) than was the U.S--which Cubans treated as their tourist playground.

Wikipedia (no less!) points out that as of 1958 Cuba was “the sixth largest recipient of immigrants in the world.” Has the Castro-accredited U.S. media informed you of this fascinating (but highly embarrassing to their accreditor) historical datum?


Didn’t think so.

Yes, The Godfather II notwithstanding, in 1953 –owing to Cuba’s large middle-class--more Cubans vacationed in the U.S. (then voluntarily returned home, despite U.S. visas being available to them for the asking) than Americans vacationed in Cuba. When my parents and grandparents and uncles and aunts said “Adios, America!” they weren’t referring to Ann Coulter’s great book. They followed up with: “next time we also plan to see Rock City and Ruby Falls!”

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