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Beyonce and Jay-Z Bankroll Racists

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Beyonce and Jay-Z are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary in Havana this week as the official guests of a regime busily beating and arresting black civil rights activists known as the “Rosa Parks Civil Rights Movement.”


Indeed the Stalinist/Apartheid regime that is hosting the superstar couple murdered more political prisoners in its first three years in power than Hitler's murdered in its first six; and jailed political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s during the Great Terror. These victims were (are) the longest-suffering black political prisoners in the modern history of the human race.

In fact, the superstar black couple’s visit coincides with a wave of racist repression by Cuba’s lily-white rulers. Cuba’s black human-rights activists are being beaten, arrested and tortured at a rate that sets a ten year record for racist torture and terror in the Castro family fiefdom, which is really saying something.

Heartbreakingly, as mentioned above, many of these Cuban human-rights activists admire the U.S. civil rights movement, unaware that the current standard-bearers of this movement—far from championing their cause—actually champion their torturers. “Viva FIDEL!—VIVA CHE!” yelled Jesse Jackson while arm-in arm with Fidel Castro at the University of Havana in 1984.

"He (Raul Castro) is one of the most amazing human beings I've ever met!" gushed chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Emanuel Cleaver upon visiting the Castro family fiefdom three years ago. And on, and on.

As Beyonce and Jay-Z swank it up around Havana every penny they spend lands in the pocket of the regime currently beating and arresting Cuban blacks who are peacefully protesting under the banner of the Civil Rights leaders the U.S. superstars claim to venerate. Cuban dissident Sonia Garro has spent the past two Easters in Castro’s dungeons without even being charged. She was beaten, arrested--and beaten again--for the crime of carrying flowers in a peaceful religious demonstration honoring other peaceful Cuban blacks murdered by Castroite firing squads.


Not far from the Havana vacation haunts of Beyonce and her (Che Guevara-worshipping) husband Jay-Z; black political prisoners languished in KGB-designed dungeons, for such crimes as publicly quoting the works of Marin Luther King and the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights. Among these prisoners was Dr. Elias Biscet an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience who was awarded (obviously in absentia) the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bush in 2008.

“The negro,” sneered Jay-Z’s t-shirt idol Che Guevara, “is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.”

Many Cuban blacks suffered longer incarceration in Castro and Che’s torture chambers than Nelson Mandela suffered in South Africa's. In fact, Castro’s victims qualify as the longest-suffering political prisoners in modern history. Eusebio Penalver, Ignacio Cuesta Valle, Antonio Lopez Munoz, Ricardo Valdes Cancio, and many other Cuban blacks suffered almost thirty years in Castro's prisons. These men were bloodied in their fight against Beyonce’s hosts but remained unbowed for almost thirty years in their dungeons and torture chambers.

But have you ever heard any of their names mentioned by the U.S. media? Eusebio Penalver became a U.S. citizen and lived in Miami for almost 20 years. He would have been a cinch for the media to track down. Ever see a CNN interview with any of them? Ever see any of them on "60 Minutes"? Ever read about them in The New York Times? The Boston Globe? Ever hear about them on NPR during Black History Month? Ever seen anything on them on the History Channel or A&E? Ever hear the NAACP or Congressional Black Caucus mention them?


Why do I bother asking? They were (are) victims of the Left's premier pin-up boys.

Almost exactly three years ago the Castroites murdered black human rights activist Orlando Zapata-Tamayo. This black Cuban had endured an 83-day hunger strike seeking (vainly, as usual) to alert the world to the Castro regime's cowardly Stalinism and racism. Finally a series of savage beatings by his Communist jailers finished him off. Naturally, the U.S. media was no more revelatory of his death than they'd been of his jailing or hunger strike.

Samizdats, smuggled out of Cuba by eye-witnesses, reported that while gleefully kicking and bludgeoning Tamayo, his Castroite jailers yelled, "Worthless ni**er!" Dirty worthless ni**er!

Just last month black activist Roberto Rivalta Junco died from maltreatment in Castro’s dungeons. Did the media inform you of any of this racist repression on our very borders? And yet Cuba hosts media bureaus from CNN to ABC and from the AP to NBC. Sure seems that these media outlets reported exhaustively on racist repression when it took place 8 thousand miles away (Apartheid South Africa.)

Today, the prison population in Stalinist/Apartheid Cuba is about 80% black, while only 9% of the ruling Stalinist party is black. Many of a certain age well remember many of Beyonce’s musician predecessors mounting a campaign called "Artists United Against Apartheid," aimed at boycotting South Africa, reviling any musicians who played there, and showcasing the human rights abuses suffered by South African blacks.


Should we hold our breath for the same bunch to organize "Artists United Against Castro-Stalinism"?

As I write Cuba’s racist/Stalinist rulers are enjoying a record windfall of almost $3 billion from tourism. This gravy-train arrives courtesy of a deluge of tourists; ten times the number as visited Cuba during the 1950’s when she was a “tourist playground.” Surely, you remember. After all, you probably saw it in liberals’ top educational source on Cuba: The Godfather II.

Result of this tourist windfall? A fat, rich and happy Stalinist regime; accompanied by a twenty-year high in repression against the Cuban people. Castro’s military, you see, mostly owns Cuba’s tourist industry in majority partnership with some European robber-barons. Did the media inform you that many of Cuban hotels currently crammed to suffocation with tourists were stolen at Soviet gunpoint form Cuban and American owners and stockholders in 1960? And that they’re being run by European and Castroite millionaires who laugh in the face of the fleeced and rightful owners? Didn’t think so.

Did the media inform you that this armed robbery (totaling $7 billion in current dollars) followed by fifty years of snickering and finger-flipping by the thieves at the legal owners features in the U.S. sanctions known as the Cuba “embargo?” Didn’t think so.

Every shred of observable evidence proves that travel to Cuba enriches and entrenches the KGB-trained and heavily-armed owners of Cuba’s tourism industry, and thus the most highly motivated guardians of Cuba’s Stalinist status-quo.


Oh, I know, I know in all the libertarian and liberal and Think-Tank computer models regarding ending the Cuba “embargo” it plays out differently. But observable facts are truly a b*tch, especially for academic eggheads and think-tank dogmatists.

Canadians make up a big plurality of the tourist partners (some of it for child-sex tourism) in Castroite repression. So Canada’s SunNews recently prompted a Townhall columnist to lower the boom on them.

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