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Will The Daily Beast Hire Rick Sanchez?

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Let’s compare ethnic “insults”:

Here’s former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez (a Cuban-American ) regarding Jewish-Americans: “ I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they — the people in this country who are Jewish— are an oppressed minority? Yeah.”

Here’s current The Daily Beast columnist Norman Birnbaum (a Jewish-American) regarding Cuban-Americans: “[D]espite the truly repellent Miami Cubans of the older generation and their gallant allies, the Israel lobby, Castro hangs on.”

Birnbaum is also a Georgetown Professor Emeritus and former advisor to three Democratic Presidential candidates.

Now imagine a Republican political adviser and Hillsdale college professor/author spouting – on the record on for public consumption – any of the following phrases: "those truly repellent New York Jews" or "those truly repellent Detroit Negroes" or "those truly repellent Los Angeles Mexicans."

Would he even bother seeking future media employment? I apologize for insulting your intelligence. Within the MSM/Democratic axis such insults can only apply against Cuban-Americans. And for an excellent reason: Americans of Cuban heritage are not only the most overwhelmingly Republican ethnic group in the U.S.—they’re also the most loyal Republicans in the history of the U.S.

Not all the king’s horses or all the king’s men can bring these insufferable Hispanics around to follow the lead of the majority in their adopted country (to say nothing of the lead taken by other “Hispanics”) and register Democratic. Even with the third generation registering to vote, a measly 13 per cent of these incurably obtuse and unenlightened Cuban-Americans register with America’s majority political party (Democratic.)

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Birnbaum was an adviser to the presidential campaign of John "Bay of Pigs Betrayal" Kennedy, Jimmy "The Cuban embargo is the stupidest law ever passed in the U.S." Carter, and Jesse "VIVA Fidel! VIVA Che Guevara!” Jackson.

It's actually an old story regarding Cuban-Americans. Bryant Gumbel referred to the demonstrators in front of the house of Elian Gonzalez's uncle as "disgusting"! Imagine if O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh or Beck had mumbled something similar regarding (en-masse) the crowd at Al Sharpton’s “Reclaim the Dream March,” or the May Day Marches in Los Angeles, or the Puerto Rican Day parade in New York. Again I apologize for appearing to insult your intelligence.

Even more infuriating for the MSM/Democratic axis, the 2000 census showed that second-generation Cuban-Americans have educational and income levels higher--not only than mot ethnic groups who dutifully punch the clock at the Democratic plantation every morning--but also higher than the U.S. population in general.

Interestingly, the gripes against Cubans-Americans by liberals closely resemble the ones against Jewish-Americans by Rick Sanchez (among others.)

"Cuba Policy isn't made in Washington," griped Bill Press in a CNN column. "It's made in Miami by former Batista supporters who think they can reverse history!"

"Bush's defense of the (Cuban) embargo serves a family voting bloc and little else!" griped Kathleen Parker in a column.

"A small number of powerful exiles in South Florida cow our politicians into keeping the crazy Cuban policy!" griped media baron Al Neuharth in USA Today.

All this takes talent, my friends. Around our domino tables we snicker derisively at those bumbling Trilateralists. Between sips of our mojitos we guffaw and slap our thighs at the incompetence of the Bilderbergers and Rothschilds. We Cuban-Americans are the Illuminati to beat all Illuminati, the slickest of the slick. We watch "Godfather II" and snort scornfully. That was a chump operation Mikey Corleone pulled on Nevada Senator Geary with that dead prostitute. We woulda had him in our pocket for half the trouble.

We watch "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and direct our boos and hisses at Jimmy Stewart. What a fuddy-duddy.

We managed to get Bill Buckley and Gore Vidal, Chris Dodd and Larry Craig, The Brookings Institution and the Cato Institute, the Wall Street Journal and The Nation, The U.S. Communist Party and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce all on the same side of an issue. All of the above have come out publicly against the so-called Cuban embargo. All blame it on the "politically powerful" and "well-heeled" Cuban-American lobby.

Imagine the MSM/Democratic uproar upon sighting a Tea-Party placard that celebrates the mass-expulsion of Hispanic U.S. citizens from U.S. shores. (Heck, one that celebrated the expulsion of illegals would detonate their hair-trigger charge of RACISM!!!”) Well, a mass-expulsion of U.S. citizens of Hispanic heritage was in fact celebrated with a cartoon by the MSM/Democrat’s very flagship, The Washington Post.

Study the cartoon and imagine the uproar if instead of fedoras (which are rarely worn by Cuban-Americans, BTW) the group had worn keffiyehs, burkhas and chadors. What if the boat’s passengers had been labeled “nappy-headed” and were headed for Africa? Imagine the rallies and raised fists in Los Angeles ad Phoenix if they’d worn sombreros!

The head explodes imagining the MSM hysteria to such depictions of any reliably Democratic ethnic group.

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