Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet  Dhillon
Republican Lawyers Are Fighting to Stop The Steal
By Harmeet Dhillon
In the face of historic and unprecedented irregularities in the counting of votes in swing states including Michigan and Pennsylvania, ...
November 05, 2020
Bill Barr Knows There’s No Such Thing as 'Peaceful Violence'
By Harmeet Dhillon
Attorney General Bill Barr has established himself as one of the few public officials willing and able to accurately describe ...
August 14, 2020
The New York Times Is About to Face a Reckoning For Its Lies
By Harmeet Dhillon
There’s finally a chance that The New York Times will be held accountable for lying to the American people.The Trump campaign ...
February 28, 2020
The President’s Social Media Summit Was A Watershed Moment In The Fight Against Big Tech Censorship
By Harmeet Dhillon
Google, Facebook, and Twitter are monopolies whose executives see themselves as the rightful arbiters of public discourse in America. They ...
July 30, 2019
Too Big to Fail: Dems Won’t Let the Russia Witch-hunt End
By Harmeet Dhillon
As far as the Democrats are concerned, the Russia collusion witch hunt is too big to fail.After their two-year, $35 ...
May 13, 2019
The Democrats’ Imaginary Crime Committed By Don Jr. Has One Problem: The Law
By Harmeet Dhillon
When the “Russia collusion” scam failed so miserably as a means to take down this administration, liberal politicians and their ...
May 04, 2019
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