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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As far as the Democrats are concerned, the Russia collusion witch hunt is too big to fail.

After their two-year, $35 million investigation of the Trump Campaign failed to take down President Trump, they’ve grown increasingly desperate to continue earning returns on their political investment in national division, strife, and false accusations.


Ever since Special Counsel Robert Mueller determined that there was no collusion with Russia and declined to charge the president with obstruction of justice, the Democrat Party came up with yet another shady plan to undermine the administration — trying to lure civilians on the sidelines, including President Trump's eldest son, into perjury traps. We are familiar with this playbook.

In an underhanded move, Democrats in the Senate Intelligence Committee managed to convince pushover Republican Chairman Richard Burr to subpoena Donald Trump, Jr. to testify about Russia — something he has already done at great length, and something that is well outside the legitimate oversight role of the committee.

Not one other Republican senator on the Intelligence Committee supported the decision to drag Donald Trump, Jr. back for another round of testimony — Burr conspired with the Democrat members to effect this travesty all on his own, for reasons unknown.

Last time this issue came up, Donald Trump Jr. provided roughly 30,000 documents to the Senate Intelligence Committee, and spent about nine hours answering lawmakers’ questions. In total, he has testified in front of various congressional committees for almost 27 hours – and provided thousands of pages of documents for Congress to review. This was following the unilateral release by Trump, Jr. of all his emails related to the infamous but legally insignificant Trump Tower meeting in June 2016.


If nearly 30 hours of testimony isn’t enough to satisfy the Democrats, then what is? Is there anything Donald Trump, Jr. could possibly say that would convince Democrats to accept his innocence? Based on the way Democrats have reacted to the Mueller Report’s findings so far, that doesn’t seem likely. To the contrary, their current sport is to trap a big fish in a perjury net, but they have set their sights on the wrong prey, and it will not be so easy to land this fish as it has been for others unaware at the start of this travesty that the intention of the questioners was not to ascertain the truth, but to score political victories and obtain leverage, even destroying people’s lives in the process.

Let’s be clear. Donald Trump, Jr. is no Richard Burr-style Republican. The president’s first son is a force of nature in American politics today in his own right. He has a nationwide base of support among Republicans, social media users, and regular Americans like no First Family member in American history.

Moreover, this Trump apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Donald Trump, Jr. is a fighter like his old man, and he will fight tirelessly to counter this congressional overreach for pure partisan motives.

Democrats in the House of Representatives, for their part, are equally committed to prolonging the Russia collusion witch hunt, with the House Judiciary Committee recently voting to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with its demand that he violate federal laws and regulations by releasing a completely unredacted version of the Mueller Report.


The Democrats will never abandon the collusion hoax for one simple reason — conceding that there was never any collusion or obstruction would also mean acknowledging that they’ve been deceiving the American people for more than two years for no better reason than their disappointment over the result of the 2016 election. This is an attempt to redo the 2016 election results, pure and simple.

Even if Mueller repeated the phrase “no collusion” on every page of his report, the Democrats would still find an excuse to subpoena and harass the president’s son and slander the attorney general for simply doing his job. 

The ongoing circus in Congress has nothing to do with pursuing the truth, and everything to do with salvaging a discredited partisan hit job gone wrong. For Democrats — and apparently for their lone Republican dupe, as well — the Russia witch-hunt is simply “too big to fail.” 

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