Hans A. von Spakovsky

Hans A. von Spakovsky
The Left’s Fight Against Election Reforms Is a Trojan Horse to Get a Much Bigger Agenda Passed
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
For the past several months, we’ve seen the left fighting against election integrity reforms in the states. They reject such ...
August 05, 2021
A Virginia Sheriff Protects the Public; a Maryland County Official Endangers Them
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
Local officials who try to obstruct federal immigration enforcement should be condemned for endangering the public, while those who assist ...
August 23, 2019
The Administration’s Latest Abuse: Impeding IGs and Hiding the Truth From the American People
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
In an unprecedented letter, a majority of the federal government’s inspectors general (IGs) claim that the Obama administration is ...
August 12, 2014
Obama Administration Turns to “Hand-Packed” Court
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
Editor's note: Elizabeth Slattery coauthored this piece. When it comes to defending Obamacare subsidies, the Justice Department ...
July 28, 2014
A Thanksgiving Sacrifice
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
As we sit down to feast with our families this holiday, the blessing might well include a word of thanks ...
November 25, 2010
The Costs of Birthright Citizenship
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
There have been numerous debates about “birthright” citizenship in recent weeks. As the Heritage Foundation has pointed out, the claim ...
September 08, 2010
The Liberal Mythology of the "Activist" Supreme Court
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
Editors' note: this piece is co-authored by Robert Alt. With Elena Kagan set to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee ...
June 16, 2010
Holder Trips Up Again -- His Voting Problem in North Carolina
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
[Editor's note: This column is co-authored by Roger Clegg.] Attorney General Eric Holder has undergone so much criticism in recent months ...
April 26, 2010
A Christmas Tale - 1944
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
This year, many Americans may not be able to have as bountiful a Christmas as they would like. But I ...
December 24, 2009
Filibustering to Preserve the Constitution
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
President Obama’s nomination of David Hamilton to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals was, according to a senior administration official, ...
December 04, 2009
Giving Thanks
By Hans A. von Spakovsky
As we all head to our parents’ or grandparents’ houses for Thanksgiving or plan to hold the celebration at ...
November 26, 2009
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