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If you want to drain a swamp, you don't hire someone who once flew over a swamp and wants to be an alligator. You hire someone who has experience draining swamps, can deal with the regulatory agencies and can hire a competent contractor to do the necessary construction work.


If your company is struggling with internal management issues, you don't hire individuals who kiss up and kick down. You don't hire someone who on day one threatens to fire every employee in the building.

If you want to protect the castle, you don't hire three individuals to coordinate and develop a strategy to protect the castle who are more interested in protecting their own living quarters than the entire castle.

If you want to lead a nation diversified in color and gender, you don't make your public face three men of the same color who each look like if you turned your back, they would kick your puppy.

And you never publicly humiliate anyone on your team. Who would come work for you next?

If the White House were The Apprentice, what would the President do?

It is time for the major shakeup. It is past time for the major shakeup.

Yes, it is probably time to bring in the lie detectors and find out who the leakers are and get them out of the White House, State, the FBI and probably the CIA. Yes, it is probably time to prosecute more than a few leakers. But the leakers are symptoms, not the disease. The disease is bad management.

The boss needs a CEO management course and it would not hurt if he put an experienced management consultant or the CEO of a major diversified entity on speed dial. The boss needs to work with and through his team without under cutting them on social media. A strategy would be a plus.


Maybe it is time to hit a few singles and doubles: i.e. legislation to allow cross border sales of health care insurance or reduction of certain required health care insurance coverage items would be what should be an easy positive.

The people outside the President's office need to be competent. The people outside his office should reflect, at least to some extent, the citizens of the United States. While we don't need a gender identity test, it just cannot be all white males. They should be a team!

And the team needs an old hand. There needs to be someone who was in the swamp. It would seemingly be impossible to get another Senator to resign their Senate seat given the abuse being heaped on Attorney General Sessions. Newt comes to mind as does former Senator Connie Mack.

The soap opera must end. It matters not that the media is evil, one sided and armed with only attack dogs. That is the business they are selling and Americans are buying. That is part of the landscape that the President cannot change. The soap opera must end.

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