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The revelations of the Nunes Memo have shaken our confidence in the FBI and the Justice Department. A law firm working for the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign hired a company called Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, the Republican Party candidate for president.  Fusion GPS, then, paid a Trump-hating former British agent named Christopher Steele to produce 16 memos between June and November 2016 based on hearsay from Russian agents.  

Almost everything about Trump in the memos—later called the dossier—was demonstrably false, but high ranking people in the FBI and the Justice Department, including Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and FBI Director James Comey, used the dossier to gain and renew a FISA court surveillance warrant against a US citizen named Carter Page, who was said to be a foreign policy adviser of Donald Trump.  

The FISA court was set up to aid in investigating terrorists, but there is no indication Carter Page was ever suspected of being a terrorist or even of having committed any crime.  Nonetheless, the FISA surveillance warrant was renewed three times, even as late as July 2017 by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which was months after the contents of the dossier were revealed to be fake.  

What’s more, the FBI used Steele as a source until October 2016, when it cut ties with him because he had leaked information to Yahoo News.  That did not stop Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, however, whose wife worked with Fusion GPS, from continuing to have contact with Steele.  

In summary, the highest levels of the FBI and the Justice Department were working with the DNC and the Hillary campaign to dig up dirt on Trump in order to destroy his candidacy and later, his presidency.  

Now, add onto this story the fact that Rosenstein called for a Special Prosecutor to investigate Trump’s alleged ties to Russia when Trump fired James Comey, and the man chosen as Special Prosecutor was Coney’s best friend, Robert Mueller.  Furthermore, Mueller has hired more than a dozen leftwing lawyers to get Trump and his men on any kind of legal infraction, since there is no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. The stench of corruption is so thick a million air fresheners could not clear the air.  And there are surely more revelations to come.

How far we have fallen!  Americans used to be so proud of the FBI.  It was the best police agency in the world. Whereas the national police in most countries can be bought for a reasonable price, the FBI was always incorruptible, a bulwark of integrity.  That’s why it’s sad to see it now, crawling in the swamp, politicized and turned into the Democratic Party’s attack crocodile.Likewise for the Justice Department, which is another swamp creature.  Sure, former Attorneys General have represented the president’s party, but in the past the AG has never used the department and the legal apparatus to bring down political opponents.  

That level of corruption was unknown in America before now.  No wonder the public’s confidence in the honesty, fairness, and integrity of these two institutions has been obliterated.  So, unless some of these corrupt individuals end up in jail or at least lose their law licenses, most Americans will never believe in the FBI or Justice Department again.

That’s where John Bolton comes in.  The only way to restore the image of those two venerable institutions is to root out the corruption and make those responsible pay the price.  To do that we need another special prosecutor, one tasked specifically with cleaning up the FBI and the Justice Department and bringing criminal and ethical charges against guilty parties. Ideally, the person to do that job should be an outsider, because the FBI and Justice Department are not going to investigate themselves, but it would also have to be someone who knows how Washington works.Such a person is John Bolton, the former US Ambassador to the UN.

Although he is known as a foreign policy expert, Bolton was trained as a lawyer and currently works for a law firm.  He has lots of experience in Washington.  He served three Presidents—Reagan, Bush 41, and Bush 43. However, he hasn’t held a government post since 2006, so he is now an outsider, and he does not have any special connections to Mueller or Comey.

Most important, Bolton is a straight-shooter and a no-nonsense guy.  He says what he thinks in clear, unimpeachable words, and he seems to be immune to bribery, blackmail, and media attacks.  The media have been attacking him for years and he usually just shrugs it off.  That’s important, because the person who accepts this job will be the second-most-hated person in America after President Trump.

The problem is that Bolton is on record as being against the concept of Special Prosecutors.  Also, there are some people, like Mark Levin and Alan Dershowitz, who say what is needed is a Presidential Commission rather than a Special Prosecutor.    

Either way, we need a man like Bolton to do the job, because without the rule of law, America will be no different than any of dozens of third-world countries.

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