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The Truth About What Happened At StemExpress

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Jan. 22, 2015, 12:26 p.m. Researcher: Just wanted to check in and see if there are any cases within our gestation range for today? Need to book some time on the equipment if so.


12:30 p.m. StemExpress tissue procurement technician:

There is one case currently in the room, I will let you know how the limbs and calvarium look to see if you are able to take them in about fifteen minutes.

1:20 p.m. StemExpress: The calvarium is mostly intact, with a tear up the back of the suture line, but all pieces look to be there. The limbs, one upper and one lower, are totally intact, with one upper broken at the humerus and one lower broken right above the knee. Please let me know if these are acceptable. I have set them aside and will await your reply.

About five minutes later, the researcher replied:  “That sounds great we would like both of them. Please send them our way. Thanks again.”

This email exchange is included in the interim report issued last week by the House Select Investigative Panel probing the alleged -- and illegal -- sale of aborted fetal tissue. It describes in real time a dismemberment abortion and its aftermath. A human being has been torn apart, literally, and the only concern is that his limbs and head are not so damaged as to make them worthless.

Even if Stem Express, Planned Parenthood, the University of New Mexico and many other players whose work is being investigated by the panel are operating 100 percent within the law – plenty of evidence suggests they are not – can we really continue to look the other way?


“One case currently in the room” referred to in the email exchange is a woman who has gone to an abortion business to exercise her “right” to end the life of her own unborn child. How did the Stem Express tech know that woman’s pregnancy was far enough along to satisfy the needs of the inquiring researcher? Because the clinic hands over each woman’s private medical file so the technicians know the gestational ages of each baby scheduled for execution that day. Then the technician’s job is to try to gain a woman’s consent to the “donation” of her child’s parts.

Much of the panel’s 88-page interim report is full of stomach-twisting detail, including a StemExpress “tissue order form” with a dropdown menu (since removed from its site) listing every baby  part available, beginning with the brain.

And this: A lab tech at Southwest Women’s Options, a late-term abortion business in Albuquerque, wrote in May 2012 that someone from the University of New Mexico Health and Sciences Center “asked clinic for digoxin treated tissue 24-28 weeks” because the researcher “wants whole, fixed brains to dissect w/ summer camp students. “

Is this a summer camp run by a descendant  of Josef Mengele?


 The report also raises the troubling possibility that infants born alive after late-term abortions are not being treated with life-saving methods – as required by federal and state laws – because of the profit to be gained by the harvest and sale of their parts.

“Pressure from research institutions or procurement companies to provide human fetal organs and tissue at late gestations could negatively impact the treatment born-alive infants receive,” the report states. “Infants with congenital health problems are particularly vulnerable to neglect or abuse.”

Between 2003 and 2014, the report notes, 588 infant deaths were categorized by the Centers for Disease Control as being linked to “termination of pregnancy, affecting fetus and newborn.”  In other words: Infants born alive.

The House panel, chaired by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) has forwarded for further investigation and possible prosecution several of the organizations whose “work” her committee examined. Many federal laws certainly appear to have been broken, including laws that make it a crime to profit from the sale of the body parts of aborted children. Our own full time associate at Priests for Life, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, has been working for years to uncover these atrocities connected with the late-term abortion industry in New Mexico, where he lives.


But Rep. Blackburn’s report has gone almost unmentioned by  mainstream outlets. And even worse, she points out in the report, the Democratic members of the bipartisan panel, since the beginning, have publicly lobbied for it to be disbanded and privately worked to obstruct its mission by, among other things, instructing the companies being probed to ignore congressional subpoenas.

We know the media and the abortion-friendly members of the panel are trying to hide the truth about abortion. There can be no doubt of that. Shocking and barbaric things are taking place daily in our nation – things that have nothing to do with health care or a woman’s right to choose. We cannot allow this to continue.

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