Frank J. Fleming

Frank J. Fleming
Don't Rely on Politicians
By Frank J. Fleming
Hey, remember when 6% was considered to be high unemployment? That's certainly a distant memory now that we've had higher ...
September 13, 2012
The First Term of Obama Has Been a Failure... of America
By Frank J. Fleming
The first term of the Obama administration has been a complete failure -- a complete failure of Americans to deserve ...
September 05, 2012
Obama's New Promises
November 15, 2011 |
Simplistic Americans Don't Get Obama's Achievements
By Frank J. Fleming
It's a tough time for President Obama. He's worked long and hard at cultivating a nuanced, thinking-man's presidency, and now ...
May 11, 2011
Bonus Features of the Chevy Volt
By Frank J. Fleming
The same U.S. government that got man to the moon is now teamed with GM to get you to the ...
April 01, 2011
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