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Twenty-First Century Slavery

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"It is my property." "It is not human." "It is not even three-fifths of a person." "It is not a person." "I can do with my property whatever I want." "You have no legal right to control my property." "Science says it is not an intelligent being." "It cannot survive on its own. It is mine to do with as I please." "It cannot feel anything."


It is a person -- a he or a she. They are living, breathing human beings capable of great intelligence. But slave owners refused to give up their slaves and came up with cruel justifications for slavery and terrible defenses for their brutality. When it became abundantly apparent that the Africans kidnapped and sold into slavery were just like their owners, their owners refused to believe it. They concocted pseudo-science to show the slave was inferior in every way. They bought and sold these human beings as if they were property.

One hundred fifty-one years after passage of the 13th Amendment prohibiting slavery, the arguments are still used by people against other people. Instead of a master and slave, it is a pro-abortion American and a baby. Every argument used to defend slavery is now used to defend the right to kill children.

In the ancient world, people sacrificed children to the gods of nature to ensure a harvest. In the modern world, people sacrifice children to the gods of convenience in the name of population control. The ancients who would lay a child on the altar to Moloch would recognize themselves in the modern Americans who promote abortion to spare our carbon footprint.

In the Roman Empire, babies not aborted before birth were routinely discarded at the city dump if they inconvenienced families. The Romans believed a child was not even human until the eighth day after birth. Now prominent Americans believe abortion should be a right until the moment a mother leaves the hospital.


Former Senator Barbara Boxer famously refused to agree on the Senate floor with the proposition that "once the baby is separated from the mother... that the baby is entitled to constitutional protection."

The pro-abortion community hides behind euphemisms to avoid confronting the evil they support. It is, to them, a choice. Instead of it being the brutal act of ripping a child apart, it is the abortion of a fetus. The pro-abortion community, like the slave owners of the nineteenth century, concocts pseudo-science to avoid dealing with reality.

A child in utero, they claim, feels no pain. A child in utero, they say, is not really a child, but tissue. Now we are even told that ultrasounds concoct a fake heartbeat and phony, meaningless images instead of showing what they really show. Many of the people who believe these things also believe in punishing anyone who causes a mother dog to lose her litter. Like the Romans, the pro-abortion movement treats animals with more compassion than babies.

Two thousand years ago, Roman emperors declared Christians a menace because, in part, they dared rescue abandoned babies from the city dump. They refused abortions and declared everyone equal before God. Two hundred years ago, Christians demanded an end to slavery for the very same reason. This week, Christians will march to end this modernized evil.


The pro-abortion community's response is that the pro-life community only cares about children until birth. While not true, even if it were that is no justification for killing the child. Forty-four years ago the Supreme Court legalized this murder. A society that will not protect its most vulnerable is a society that will decline. The state of this nation suggests the moral decay legalized by our black robed masters is only getting worse. But perhaps, again, the moral clarity of the Christian community marching this week in Washington will change hearts, minds and laws to be biased toward life.

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