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I consider Donald Trump one of the greatest presidents this country has ever known. He exudes love of America, boldly pursues excellence, and governs based on incisive common sense rather than nauseating political correctness.


That said:

1) Why are Roger Stone and Paul Manafort still languishing in legal purgatory? These men were pursued by the Justice Department – Trump's Justice Department – for one reason only: They helped Trump become president. Yet, so far Trump has let them hang out to dry.

Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta committed essentially the same crime for which Manafort was targeted. Yet, the Justice Department decided to grant Podesta immunity and go after Manafort. Why didn't it grant Manafort immunity and go after Podesta? You know the answer. Washington is a swamp.

Roger Stone, meanwhile, had his home raided in the middle of the night by the FBI for lying during a sham investigation. He can’t even publicly speak about his case now because a totalitarian judge has so ordered. Amazingly, though, when asked on Tuesday whether he would pardon Stone, Trump replied, “I hadn't thought of it.”

He hadn’t thought of it? Pray tell, why not? Stone is suffering because of his 40-year friendship with the president. If Trump is loyal to his friends – as I and so many other Trump supporters like to believe – he must pardon Stone and Manafort immediately.

2) Why has such little progress been made on the border wall three years into Trump's presidency? Of course, Trump alone is not to blame for the barely-existent wall. Congress has been stonewalling him every step of the way. But Trump has several cards to play. First, he can arguably forge ahead without congressional help considering that defending the country from invasion is a presidential duty.


Second, Trump can veto any major funding bill that doesn’t give him sufficient funds for the wall. It's hard to imagine him not winning the ensuing standoff. How would House Democrats defend their refusal to fund the wall? By claiming that a million illegal immigrants annually is good for America? That’s not exactly a winning argument with most voters.

3) Why are we still in Afghanistan? American troops have been stationed – and dying –there for 18 years. Why?

4) Why did Trump sign the $1.4 trillion spending bill last week? In March 2018, a frustrated Trump promised never to sign another rushed spending bill with so much waste. The only reason he was willing to sign one then, he said, is because the military desperately needed to be rebuilt.

Does the military really need all the money it asks for? I doubt it. But let's leave that question aside. Trump signed the bill; the military got $700 billion. The year before that, it also received $700 billion. And now it just received an additional $700 billion.

In total, the military has received over $2 trillion under Trump to rebuild what was already the most powerful fighting force in the world. If that figure is somehow not high enough, what is the target number? How many more outrageous spending bills will Trump sign before the military is considered “rebuilt”? At the very least, Trump owes us that information.


I'll end how I started: I love Trump. I worked to get him elected in 2016 and constantly bless God that he's our president. He's a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to me personally. He has also fulfilled most of the promises he made to his supporters. But he has disappointed in a few areas, and Trump fans shouldn’t be satisfied until he gives us, not merely a good presidency, but – as Trump might say – the “best” presidency.

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