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Few have the guts to say it, but when looking for a reason behind the mass shootings that have been plaguing our society one has to look no further than the sickness and depravity that permeates America, and that has been increasing now for decades.


Take a look around. We live in a culture that has devalued human life to the point of calling an unborn infant nothing more than a “clump of cells.” Conveniently ignoring the fact that just a few weeks into a woman’s pregnancy one can already start to see arms and legs being formed, along with the dome of the baby’s head and dark spots where the eyes are.

And yes, it is a WOMAN’S pregnancy since only biological women can become pregnant, contrary to those who claim that men can birth a child.  What had just weeks before been nothing more than a woman’s egg combined with a man’s sperm is now taking on a very human form.

Yet also something that many Democrats argue should be allowed to be purged from the body with no more thought given than when popping a pimple.

If the life of an unborn infant is held that cheaply by a large segment of our society, it only stands to reason that human life in general could be considered inconsequential to other more troubled and easily influenced individuals.  Troubled young people especially.

If an infant forming in the uterus is just a clump of cells, then it may stand to reason to someone experiencing psychological problems that a human being that is outside the uterus is just a larger clump of cells. It’s a very short leap from murdering an unborn infant because it’s inconvenient, to murdering other people because they might also be ‘inconvenient.’


Common decency and traditional morality are nearly a thing of the past. If you question that statement all one has to do is attend a Pride Parade in San Francisco, or any number of other American cities.  Or for that matter attend an elementary school. Our children are being exposed to things by teachers that if done outside a classroom would be considered a criminal act.

Everything is sexualized nowadays, there’s hardly any limits to what can be seen on the streets of this country. And all being done in the name of protecting ‘letters of the alphabet.’ Use whatever bathroom you want, dress any way you want, or wear no clothes at all. You can claim to be any of a couple of dozen ‘genders.’ Basically anything goes.

How much does all of this also affect individuals who are already experiencing an identity crisis, or other psychological challenges? Often there’s the absence of a strong male role model that can offer guidance and counsel to a troubled youth. Absent by virtue of a broken family, or still around, but absent by choice.

Take a look at the other influences our youths are exposed to. Vicious and violent music videos. All you see are snarling and angry faces on the performers as they scream out vile, abusive, and threatening lyrics to blaring, even deafening music, that’s always heavy on the bass. And in many cases depicting acts of extreme violence, like assassinating a President of the United States.  Hollywood pumps out violent movies regularly depicting graphic violence with copious amounts of blood and gore thrown in.


The video games kids play are just as bad or worse. Points are scored, and players move from level to level based on how many dead bodies they leave behind. Realistic exploding bodies with body parts flying off in all directions are the standard fare. Once again as with abortion, human life is cheapened.

Sadly Democrats only see guns as the cause of all the mass shootings occurring across America. The reality is that even though one death from an AR-15 is a tragedy, the statistics simply don’t bear out the ‘scary image’ that an AR-15 is labeled with. According to FBI statistics you’re much more likely to be killed by a hammer or fists than by an AR-15. FBI statistics show that in 2020 only 38 people were killed during what’s called an ‘active shooter’ event. But Democrats refuse to even acknowledge any of the other influences on our young people as the cause, or even a contributing factor.  For Democrats it’s all about the AR-15.

After all, the creators of violent video games, music videos, and Hollywood extravaganzas are generally big Democrat donors, not the firearms manufacturers.  It’s much more convenient for Democrats to blame guns in general, and the AR-15 specifically for the mass killings we experience, than it is to acknowledge the truth.


The truth being that we live in a sick and depraved society, created over decades by liberal Democrats and the policies they’ve pursued and forced upon the rest of America.

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