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A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots, and a Skunk Can’t Change Its Smell

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Sven Hoppe/dpa via AP

With the recent revelations that John Kerry has for years been in bed with the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its long past time for there to be an independent and complete investigation into Obama’s former Secretary of State - and now the current Climate Czar of the new Biden (Obama) Administration, and his activities during the Trump Administration.


John Kerry’s loathing of the United States dates way back to the Vietnam era when he was chasing the skirts of another well-known traitor Jane Fonda, and his aiding and abetting of our North Vietnamese enemies by lying about and denigrating the brave American soldiers fighting and dying in the rice paddies of South Vietnam.

Kerry has been in politics for decades now, even running for president against George W. Bush in 2004, which tells you a lot about the Democrat Party. He lost that race for president partly due to the fact that many former military veterans of Vietnam came out against him.  The ‘Swift Boaters’ forcefully spoke out against Kerry and his anti-war activities, and likely contributed to Kerry being rejected by American voters.

During his time as Secretary of State under Barack Obama I found it amazing that they could both occupy the same space inside the Oval Office together, considering the size of their swelled heads. Kerry’s ego and high opinion of himself is only matched by that of Barack Obama.  And both Obama and Kerry’s disdain for America is patently obvious.  

While Barack Obama concealed his radical leftist ideology - with help from the news media - so he could run for president in 2008, John Kerry has never hidden the fact that he is a hard core committed leftist and elitist, and holds most of his fellow Americans in contempt.


Now we are being told that as Secretary of State John Kerry was compromising Israeli operations against Iranian activities and interests in Syria. Sharing information with our enemy Iran about operations that may also have involved cooperation between Israeli and U.S. forces, thereby putting our own military’s lives at risk. Considering the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran was responsible for killing and maiming thousands of American service members during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s a sure bet they wouldn’t have hesitated taking more American lives, along with Israeli if the opportunity presented itself.

It’s been pretty well established that John Kerry was meeting with Iranian officials and involved in undermining the Trump Administration’s efforts against Iran for the four years President Trump was in office. Naturally Kerry denies any wrongdoing - lying is a character trait that comes easy for Democrats - but considering his history it’s hard to accept his denials. His efforts to preserve the worst agreement ever negotiated in American history - the nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran and one that he personally led - have been apparent to any casual observer. Lacking any other accomplishments of note during his tenure as Secretary of State, at least preserving the Iran nuclear agreement would be something he could hang his hat on.  But President Trump took that away, bruising Kerry’s ego.


John Kerry has never been concerned about the interests of the United States. He has only cared about his own interests. And he certainly owes no loyalty to the nation of Israel.

John Kerry displayed for the world to see where he stood back during the Vietnam War when he sold out his comrades in arms, and his country.

After all these years just like a Leopard he hasn’t changed his spots. And the odor of treason surrounds him, just like a skunk.

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