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As is typical of the Washington careerists – that would include the career politicians of both major political parties and their hangers-on - as well as the lifelong bureaucrats who are all vested in maintaining the status quo in our nation’s capital, they appear to have staked out their first target in the Trump Administration.  And that would be President Trump’s National Security Advisor, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.


The furor created over his telephone call with the Russian ambassador just before the Trump Administration moved into the White House is being used as ammunition to call for his resignation, and to try to disrupt the Trump Administration which is just getting up and running.  And mind you still operating without all of the key people needed to get it working as a well-oiled machine.

To quote Sen. Ted Cruz, the “Washington Cartels” appetite is whetted thinking that they may be close to garnering their first ‘scalp’ in General Flynn, perhaps followed soon by the president’s counselor Kellyanne Conway.  The corrupt media is practically foaming at the mouth they are so worked up over it all.

And while the case against both administration officials is tenuous at best, the Democrats and their allies in the corrupt American news media, as well as some of the anti-Trump ‘RINOs’ in Congress and the Senate are clamoring for investigations into what happened.

Investigations which ultimately cost the American taxpayer millions of dollars, and waste legislators precious time when they could be working to solve America’s many problems, such as the repeal and replacement of Obamacare for one.

That is always the fallback answer for the politicians in Washington, D.C., to have hearings and investigations and call in witnesses so that they can pontificate and appear outraged on national television for voters back home. While actually accomplishing little if anything good for the country.


Let’s take a look at what National Security Advisor Mike Flynn supposedly did that is so egregious, and that which has everyone so upset.  He had a telephone conversation with the ambassador of Russia, one of the adversaries with whom we have had a difficult relationship with ever since Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama provided a “reset button” with back in 2009.

A relationship that continued on a downward slide right up until the point that Barack Obama ordered financial sanctions against them for supposedly interfering in our November election.  Interference that basically consisted of nothing more than showing the American people how corrupt the political process has become in this country, and in particular the corruption of the Democrat candidate for president, Hillary Clinton.

The reality is that improving our relations with Russia is in the best interest of the United States, considering how poor the relationship had been under the Obama Administration.  What General Flynn did was perfectly reasonable, considering the parting shot Russia had received from Barack Obama.

And while everyone is in an uproar about Mike Flynn possibly discussing those sanctions ordered by Obama, no one seems to be the least bit concerned about Obama ordering sanctions in the first place during the final days of his administration.  Something that rightly should have been held in abeyance for the incoming administration to review and order if they felt it appropriate.


The outgoing president was interfering with and attempting to hamstring the incoming Trump Administration’s foreign policy.  And Barack Obama was also taking a last shot at Vladimir Putin.  Payback by a petulant little boy who regularly had his lunch money taken away from him by the neighborhood bully.  It’s as simple as that.

Watching RINOs like Lindsay Graham and John McCain pile on demanding that the Russians be punished over the allegations of Russian interference in our elections is laughable.  Their dislike of President Trump is obvious, and one wonders if they would be as insistent were someone else occupying the Oval Office.  No, I’m pretty sure that their outrage is very selective.

What presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway did was at the most a little sarcasm mixed in with a flippant comment, and certainly not intended to violate any government ethics.  I sincerely doubt that Ivanka Trump’s business interests will hinge on anything Ms. Conway might have said.  It seems to me that Ivanka Trump is a very accomplished businesswoman in her own right, and doesn’t need any help from Ms. Conway or anyone else.

Soon I suspect these most recent non-issues will fade away and be replaced by the anti-Trump people finding something else they can feign outrage and throw a fit over.  So the president and his administration just need to hang tough.  The people of the United States are counting on you.


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