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Debating and Disinformation with a Democrat

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In any conversation or debate with a Democrat about the 2016 Presidential Election the first thing you need to do is to discard the facts and logic, you won’t need them. Democrats never rely on facts and logic when formulating their arguments. They haven’t in decades.


And be prepared, Democrats often times will resort to the “Yeah But” defense when confronted with particularly troublesome facts presented to them. It was quite common when very specific examples of Hillary’s corruption were pointed out, as they would often quickly respond, “Yeah but, Trump said mean things,” or something similar.

Democrats are great believers and practitioners of defending bad behavior by pointing out other bad behavior. They never actually get around to defending their own conduct. Likely they can’t, so they default to the “Yeah But” defense.

Take for example the reports of overt racism and bigotry sprouting up all around the country. Swastikas and other symbols of hatred have sprung up on college campuses in cities across America, examples of all that is the worst in our country.

Indeed those incidents are terrible, but Democrats experience an acute loss of memory when it’s pointed out to them that while a racist slogan painted on a wall is a terrible thing, it doesn’t quite rise to the level of rioting in the streets, burning, looting, and fighting with the police.

One is just hateful, hurtful words. The other is actual violence committed in the name of...something. Once again, facts and logic tossed out the window. The rioting apparently is justified because Trump said mean things and threatened to enforce the law.


But before we accept at face value that Trump’s supporters are all racists and bigots who are now coming out of the closet, emboldened by Trump’s victory to let loose the pent up anger and hatred bottled up inside them for the past eight years – forget that many Trump voters also voted for Barack Obama, twice - we need to take a close look at all these reports.

As an old Cold War era Intelligence professional it was well known that the KGB, the Soviet intelligence service used disinformation and distraction tactics to try to sway public opinion and further their goals. They were often effective in ginning up anti-American feelings in many places around the world.

When a particular policy of the United States was considered a threat to Soviet interests they would feed the local news media with ‘approved’ stories of American atrocities, American lies and duplicity, and with stories favorable of the “peace-loving Soviet people.”

Disinformation is also a tactic used by the Saul Alinsky-ites, those devoted followers of the author of ‘Rules for Radicals’. Lesson number one - Demonize your enemies and sow dissension. Many Alinsky-ites also happen to populate the American Democratic Party. And sadly it would appear, the American news media.


While there most likely are some neo-Nazi cretins that have come out of the closet as a result of the defeat of Hillary Clinton, it’s also very likely that many of the acts of vandalism and hate that have occurred or have been reported, have been perpetrated by those dissatisfied with the results of the election, and who are using disinformation tactics in order to try to discredit the new Trump Administration.

In the dark of night when no one is watching, spray paint a swastika on the side of your house, light a cross on fire in your front yard, leave hateful messages and notes on your desk at work. Then blame it all on Trump and his followers.

Naturally the liberal news media will believe everything lock, stock and barrel. And even if they know your report is bogus they’ll run with it anyway. It fits their agenda. And they’ll quickly leap to your defense and write stories about how horrible America is and is going to be once Donald Trump takes office.

You see, what it boils down to is that in at least one respect – maybe more - Democrats aren’t much different from the old communist regimes of Soviet Russia and Eastern Europe. Not one of those communist regimes ever willingly gave up power. And believe me, there are some Democrats more in tune with Marx and Lenin than Washington and Jefferson. And they hate that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump and they have to give up power.


Sadly the party of Harry S Truman and John F. Kennedy is so far removed from the modern day Democratic Party, which keeps moving further and further to the left, that it’s highly likely both of those gentlemen would choose to be a Republican today.

At least with both Truman and Kennedy one could use facts and logic when debating them. Something completely foreign to modern day Democrats.

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