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A Little Humility Could Go a Long Way

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“Yes I have said and done some things in the past that I’m not entirely proud of. And given the chance again I’d probably do some things differently. But this election isn’t about any of my past mistakes. Nor is it about some obsessive personal ambition, as it is for my opponent.


“This election is really about preventing us from making another mistake, and bringing corruption and scandal back to the White House once again. And it’s about the future of the United States of America.

“Our country is on the edge of a precipice where we either back away from the edge and begin our return to greatness. Or we step off the edge and fall to depths from which we may never recover.”

With those few words, or something similar, Republican nominee for President Donald Trump could put to rest much of the negative feelings that many people have towards him, and undercut any of the arguments made by his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Americans are willing to give people a second chance, we have proven it throughout our history when a high profile public figure has fallen from grace, only to be resurrected later on.

Americans also respect someone who recognizes their own shortcomings. And admitting shortcomings isn’t viewed as a weakness by Americans, but as a strength instead, and a lesson Donald Trump would do well to understand.

The Trump campaign needs to instill a sense of humility to go along with the confidence that the Republican candidate exudes. Americans respect and appreciate confidence, but are turned off by arrogance and boasting. Everyone recognizes that Donald Trump has been a successful businessman. The job for him is to convince Americans that level of success he has achieved in business can cross over to governing our nation.

Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton’s character has been on display to Americans for decades. She is viewed by many as the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for president of the United States of America. Rivaled only by her husband and Barack Obama when it comes to lies and deceit.


It’s not really necessary for Trump to bring up Bill Clinton’s sexual predatory behavior, what Bill Clinton did doesn’t really have any bearing. But what she did to her husband’s accusers does matter! She led the attacks and character assassination of women victimized by Bill Clinton. Especially since Hillary tries to pass herself off as the “champion of women.”

During the recent presidential debate at Hofstra University she admitted “making a mistake” by using a private e-mail server. What would have been more appropriate would have been for her to say that she “regrets putting the nation’s security at grave risk.”

She also said that she “accepts responsibility” for her mistake. What she failed to do though was recognize that with accepting responsibility comes being held accountable. If there is no accountability then accepting responsibility is simply hollow words.

For the rest of us, normally when someone makes a serious mistake they experience some consequences as a result. Something Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to understand. Then again the Clintons have never been held to the same standards as other Americans. It seems that there are no consequences and different standards for the liberal elite.

Americans are craving change and the election is Trump’s for the taking if he would simply do what he needs to do to reassure voters that he’s a reasonable person who can bring the change that they want. Not a difficult task considering what his opponent offers.

What Hillary Clinton offers is more of the same that we have seen for the last seven plus years. An America that has been kicked around and taken advantage of by our adversaries, and disrespected and laughed at by friend and foe alike.


With her famous, or more appropriately infamous “Reset Button” with Russia, the former secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped usher in a foreign policy that was viewed by all as weak and naïve, and an opportunity for our enemies to take advantage of. She’s never run as much as a popsicle stand, and during her tenure at the State Department billions of dollars went unaccounted for.

While she personally didn’t negotiate the Iranian nuclear deal, her incompetence and weakness helped set the stage for that agreement. An agreement that as more and more details come out is the perfect example for Donald Trump to use, to show how poor the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton have been at negotiating for America’s interests.

And that is something we can no longer afford to have in the White House.

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