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It was poison. Venom emanating from the White House, the campaign of Hillary Clinton, the Congressional Black Caucus and other irresponsible members of the Democrat Party, race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and America’s so-called mainstream news media. They are responsible for the spate of deaths of police officers all across the United States. Particularly over the past seven years.


Politicians are quick to criticize the police immediately following an incident, long before all the forensics and other investigative tools have determined what has happened. Yet they are nowhere to be found afterwards once the results of an investigation, including one conducted by the federal government has concluded that an officer acted properly. As happened in the case of Ferguson, and now with Baltimore following the collapse of criminal charges brought against the police by the crooked Baltimore prosecutor.

When the news media decides to stop trying to "scoop" each other and be the first to report a story, then maybe racial tensions in this country will improve. The news media needs to wait until an investigation is completed before reporting the details. Not publicize dribs and drabs that leak out that end up being false from often questionable sources.

Everyone remembers the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. A wholly justified use of deadly force by a Police Officer, yet that city, and indeed the entire country was turned upside down as a result of organized chaos and anarchy choreographed right out of Washington, D.C.

And also encouraged by what some are beginning to finally recognize for what it is, the domestic insurgency Black Lives Matter, which was spawned out of a Ferguson lie. A lie told, repeated over and over through social media, and perpetuated by the news media and politicians. Remember "hands up, don't shoot"? They all have the blood of police officers on their hands !


I have also heard repeatedly during protests how blacks are stopped more often than white people. Likely true, since many black people live in predominantly black areas in cities across the country, which means more blacks will be stopped in those areas. But one can’t point out logic when emotions are running high. Statistically there's also more white cops than black cops. Which logically means more black citizen - white officer interactions. It’s simple mathematics.

I spoke with a police officer who told me that when he was a cop he probably stopped five blacks for every single white person. He also rode a beat in an area that was ninety-five percent black. Was he a racist cop? Or was it a matter of simple math and geography?

Was he targeting blacks? Absolutely, at times he was. When the police radio put out the description of a suspect wanted for a crime that just occurred and the suspect was described as “black”, then it would have been pretty stupid for a police officer to be looking for a white person, wouldn’t it?

When it was three o'clock in the morning few people were out on the streets, other than some who were up to no good. That’s just a fact. If a car with two or three young black males is driving slowly through a neighborhood it was a good bet they weren't out collecting canned goods for the local food pantry.

In high crime areas they were either possibly preparing for a drive-by shooting, looking for cars to break into or to steal, or to buy or sell drugs. Or at the least they were violating local curfew ordinances enacted to try to keep young people off the streets late at night and out of trouble.


In simple terms, they probably were up to no good. The same would be true of a car full of white kids. At three in the morning they should be home asleep, not driving around looking for trouble.

The officer told me that he couldn’t count how many illegal guns he took off the street, how many wanted suspects he arrested on warrants, how much dope he kept from poisoning the youths in the area, or how many other crimes he prevented by aggressive patrolling. He was doing nothing more than chasing the criminals away, and doing his job. It sent a message to criminals that the police were awake and watching the neighborhood. He was protecting the other black residents from the black predators who intended to victimize them.

Was he "profiling"? You bet he was. Conscious, methodical, and very logical profiling. Did he ever stop a black person who was innocent of any crime ? Certainly he did, but he always had a legitimate reason for when he did it, a traffic or vehicle equipment violation committed by the driver.

It’s called “probable cause”, which he would need in order to justify his arrest for the drive-by-shooting he stopped, the guns and drugs he took off the street, the stolen car he prevented, and all the other crimes he stopped because he gave a damn about the citizens he was protecting.

Did he always write a ticket to those he stopped? It depended on their attitude. If they were belligerent and uncooperative then he probably did. After all, they did break a law, which was why he stopped them. If they were polite and respectful then they usually just got a verbal warning and were sent on their way.


Back then it was just called doing "good police work". That, and caring about the innocent people the police were protecting. Race only played a part in his efforts based on the fact that the officer worked in a predominantly black area, where most of the crimes were being committed by black criminals.

But Barack Obama would call him a racist cop. The reality is that he was a cop who genuinely cared about the poor black residents of the community he patrolled. Something to be admired and respected, not demonized.

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