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There are many ways one can describe the character and persona of Hillary Clinton, and unfortunately not many of them are very complimentary. All one has to do is look at most of the current public opinion polls that overwhelmingly describe her as “untrustworthy and dishonest” and you get a feel for how she’s viewed by the majority of the American people. For a very large percentage of Americans she simply has no credibility whatsoever.

For over two decades now, since she burst onto the national scene with her husband, Hillary has been embroiled in controversy. One scandal after another has closely followed Hillary into everything she’s ever been involved with. As though she has a dark cloud hovering over her.

It’s often been reported that as an aide to the Watergate Committee looking into the possible impeachment of President Richard Nixon, Hillary was fired for “dishonest and unethical behavior”. So very early in her career she had already begun to exhibit the character flaws that have been part and parcel of who she really is.

While First Lady she visited war torn Bosnia and claimed to have had to “run across an airport tarmac dodging sniper fire.” When news video footage showed that to be a false claim, she then blamed misremembering the incident on “sleep deprivation.”

The made up tale of ‘glory and heroism’ supposedly nothing more than a false memory induced by the lack of sleep, causing her to greatly embellish something. And believe it or not she was even able to keep a straight face when she offered this explanation!

Once deciding to make a run for the United States Senate from the state of New York, the Chicagoan Hillary publicly claimed to have “always been a Yankee fan,” just as she claimed some sort of family connection to the Jewish community. Both done in order to pander to the New York vote. What’s even more unbelievable is that the news media allowed her to get away with it. Had it been a Republican opponent of hers they would have been skewered by the news media.

Because of a false claim of ‘courage under fire’ the Republican candidate, be it a man or woman would have been hounded out of office. But Hillary offers a lame, obviously made up excuse and after only a few days the news media just lets the story die, just as she was allowed to get away with her bogus Yankee fan and Jewish claims. Was it because the news media didn’t want to soil their favored person Hillary’s reputation, and perhaps hurt her election chances? Obviously Hillary isn’t the only one to practice deceit.

It’s difficult to recall anyone in public life, other than Hillary’s husband Bill, who has been able to stand before the American people with a straight face and repeatedly lie about what they’ve done. Particularly when there was ample evidence already in the public arena that clearly shows they were being dishonest.

The one word that comes to mind when one thinks of Hillary Clinton is ‘Chutzpah’. A Yiddish word that basically is defined as ‘audacity’. And audacity not meant in a good way. But more like one having the gall or temerity to tell whoppers with a straight face. The kind of quality that causes people look at you in disbelief and say, “Are you kidding me, do you think I’m crazy or what!”

When Hillary isn’t outright telling a lie she often uses ‘linguistic gymnastics’ to answer questions. Subtle changes in her answers from the time she first tackles a difficult subject, through the changes in the answer that she uses to confuse listeners, right up to the final answers that she sticks with once she works all of the bugs out of her previous responses.

Remember her claims about her e-mail server “never transmitting or receiving any classified information”, to “never sending or receiving anything marked classified”, to questioning the “over-classification” of documents, and finally to justifying her bad behavior by pointing out other supposed bad behavior by her predecessors.

Linguistic gymnastics that she apparently learned well from her husband Bill, he of the infamous, “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” response to his sexual peccadillos while in the Oval Office.

During his administration Bill Clinton proved to be a master at skirting the truth when asked difficult questions. When that didn’t work he took on a stern look, shook his finger at us and claimed “I never had sexual relations with that woman,” lying through his teeth to Americans. Just like Hillary has been lying to us throughout her entire career.

A quality either he learned from Hillary, or she learned from him. But either way, both are the most corrupt, dishonest, and despicable politicians in American history.

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