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During a recent New Hampshire campaign appearance for candidate Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton’s administration Madeleine Albright loudly proclaimed that “there’s a special place in hell” for women who don’t support Hillary, the current front runner of the Democrat Party.

It’s obvious from her statement that Madeleine Albright has a gift for hyperbole, but just as obviously she has very little understanding of the real record of Hillary Clinton.  If she did then she would understand that the “special place in hell” of which she speaks is already reserved, currently set aside for Albright’s friend Hillary Clinton herself.

Since Madeline Albright has brought up the concept of hell in someone’s future, putting on my ‘Father Confessor’ cap let’s take a look at Hillary Clinton’s record and see if she indeed has a ‘warm’ future waiting for her. 

While Benghazi may not make a difference to Hillary Clinton or to her supporters like Madeline Albright, it does make a big difference to a great many Americans.  Abandoning other Americans to terrorists and then lying about it, including lying right to the faces of the family members of those who died, definitely merits consideration for a special place in hell if you ask me.

Throughout their married life Hillary Clinton allowed her husband’s sexual predations of innocent women to occur over and over, and then covered up for him purely to protect her own political ambitions.  Choreographing and leading the charge in the personal attacks against the credibility of her husband’s accusers certainly isn’t the type of behavior that will lead to the ‘Pearly Gates’.  That kind of behavior more likely will result in a one way ticket in a different direction.

With a penchant for habitually lying to the American people, and a rapacious appetite for money, Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty and greed since leaving the White House supposedly “flat broke” following her husband’s administration, has led her to accept donations to her foundation from some of the world’s worst abusers of women.  Yet she and Madeline Albright seem to think that women should support her ?

Claiming to be the most experienced and best prepared to step into the White House and govern on day one, Hillary’s record of actual accomplishments in reality is actually pretty skimpy.  There really are no achievements of any note for her to justify such a claim.  And while some will defend her claims by saying “it’s just politics”, considering her history it’s more aptly “just more lies”.

Hillary Clinton has made a career out of telling whoppers.  She has long been recognized by many for the sheer breadth and width of her deceit and dishonesty.  Going back to her days as an intern on the Watergate Committee from which she was fired for lying and unethical behavior, right up until the present day.  And there was and is no vast right wing conspiracy involved at all, it is simply the truth about Hillary. 

During her husband’s presidency she came under investigation for possible criminal violations by a special prosecutor during the Whitewater Investigation.  Her Rose Law Firm billing records, which had been under her control and were the subject of a government subpoena curiously disappeared, only to show up again a year later on a table in the White House residence.  And no one knew how they got there !

Probably the most secure building in the entire world, with very restricted access into and out of, yet somehow her billing records were first missing from there, and then showed up on a table there.  And we were supposed to believe that no one, including Hillary Clinton knew how it happened.

And now with her private e-mail server being sought by FBI investigators, it was most conveniently wiped clean with her e-mail records deleted.  It seems that evidence under her control has a tendency to be destroyed or come up missing, evidence that might just implicate her in questionable conduct.

And with her ever changing explanations for the e-mail scandal, starting with an emphatic “there were no classified e-mails sent or received”, to “there were no e-mails marked as classified sent or received”, and finally to “overclassified is a problem”, Hillary continues to change her story, piling one lie on top of another.

So yes Secretary Albright, I would agree.  Based on a history of lies and dishonesty there is indeed a special place in hell for some people.   

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