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Bloomberg’s Fifty Million

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As the old adage goes, “don’t throw good money after bad”, or is it the other way around, “bad money after good”? Either way most people view wasting money on a losing cause to be a bad idea. That is unless you’ve got millions to throw away. As is the case with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


The former mayor of the Big Apple has pledged to spend fifty million dollars of his own money in an effort to disarm Americans. And as far as he is concerned the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution be damned!

Then again progressive Democrats of Bloomberg’s ilk haven’t shown a great deal of concern about the U.S. Constitution anyway. All one has to do is look at the current occupant of the White House.

Michael Bloomberg certainly has the right, guaranteed by the same Constitution he and is progressive friends apparently despise so much, to throw his money away on whatever he wants. And he certainly has the millions to throw away.

But one would think that perhaps there’s a better investment to be made with all those millions Bloomberg is going to invest to deny a right that the vast majority of Americans support. The right to keep and bear arms that countless Americans have fought and died for, for well over two hundred years and counting.

If Bloomberg is really concerned about gun violence in America then maybe he might want to invest his millions in helping curb the root causes of gun violence, not in trying to restrict the rights of responsible gun owners all across the United States.


He could invest some of his millions to help improve the care and treatment provided to Americans with mental health issues by the mental health professionals in this country. Millions of dollars would go a long way towards helping these professionals recognize and deal with those Americans suffering from a mental illness who pose a threat to society.

The legal, responsible gun owners of America are not who are behind the carnage on the streets of Chicago and most of the other urban areas across this country. The progressive policies of the Democrat Party are behind the carnage. Policies created, supported and enacted by Michael Bloomberg and his liberal friends by the way.

Disguised as compassion Democrats like Bloomberg have made collecting welfare benefits a career, even a ‘family business of sorts’ for the so-called oppressed and downtrodden. This has gone a long way towards destroying any ambition or drive to work hard towards achieving the American dream on the part of many of “the poor”.

When one’s hope for a better life is taken away it’s replaced by despair and hopelessness. And subsequently replaced by dependence. Something Democrats have been counting on to get elected for decades. If you make people dependent on free handouts or public assistance then they’ll have no choice but to vote for Democrats in order to keep the free stuff coming. It becomes a matter of their very survival since they haven’t learned any other way.


If Michael Bloomberg really cared about the gun violence occurring in America’s inner cities then he could donate his fifty million towards paying inner city teachers better so that better teachers could be attracted to teach inner city children. And establish stricter control and discipline requirements in those same schools, and provide the funding to guarantee a secure and better learning environment.

Bloomberg could invest his millions to bring back training in the business trades by funding Tech Schools to help minorities gain an education in a skill that will help them get a real, good paying job. Instead of continuing the same lower education standards that points them towards the fast food industry, and then try to raise the minimum wage as a means of raising them out of poverty and hopelessness. A good plumber, welder or carpenter makes a heck of a lot more than fifteen bucks per hour !

If a young man from the inner city has an opportunity to build a life for himself with a decent job in the trades he’ll be more likely to work hard to rebuild the traditional black family. Instead of destroying himself and his community with drive by shootings.

Michael Bloomberg would do well to chat with his other millionaire and billionaire friends, particularly those in the entertainment industry to create better opportunities and role models for inner city youths through the films and music they produce. Time to bring an end to the violent films and music videos, and the so-called artists who glorify a dead end lifestyle.


The progressive, liberal Democrats have always looked at taking away Americans rights as a way of dealing with challenges instead of investing wisely. Yes, Michael Bloomberg could spend his money much more wisely simply by investing in people, instead of trying to disarm law abiding Americans. 

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