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Heralding the recent actions of the two members of the U.S. military and their young friend on the train from Amsterdam to Paris is somewhat akin to praising the sun for rising each day, the rivers for flowing to the sea, and the stars for shining brightly each night.


What the news media, most Democrats, and especially the Obama Administration don’t understand and will never understand, is that the courage shown by those three young men is what our military members do each and every day of their lives. They run towards the sound of gunfire. It’s an automatic reaction for them, it’s how they thrive. Worthy of praise and recognition? Absolutely. But it was just another day on the job for America’s heroes in uniform.

Having never served in the U.S. military, or for that matter never really having shown much concern for the military until they became a useful photo op for him during his presidency, Barack Obama simply will never get it. He only runs towards the sound of money, as he did on September 12, 2012 after Americans fought and died on a lonely rooftop in Benghazi the night before.

Showing personal courage and character is the bedrock of the American military. Love of country and the willingness to lay it all on the line is what makes the American military the most respected entity in the United States. Far more respected than any politicians.


During the time Barack Obama was of similar age as these three young men his days definitely weren’t filled with acts of courage. Based on many of the photographs and descriptions of him during this time, as well as his own admissions, one could not by any stretch of the imagination describe Barack Obama as having the character and courage that would compel him to run towards the sound of gunfire.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, Barack Obama is an intelligent person and one would assume can understand the serious nature of the threat Islamic terrorists and ISIS presents to the Middle East as a whole, and even to the continental United States. Yet he refuses to listen to the counsel of his generals and take the fight to them.

He seems content to have the ‘militarily tread water’ for the next year and a half until he can hand off the problem to his successor and then let them deal with it. In the meantime ISIS becomes more entrenched in Northern Iraq and continues its recruiting efforts around the world.

Barack Obama will then leave office and claim to have achieved his campaign promises and a successful presidency by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ending those wars indeed, while making America less safe and less respected throughout the world. A hell of an achievement, weakening the United States in a most dangerous time in world history when American leadership and strength is what is needed!


As the Islamic State continues to commit atrocity after atrocity against innocent Christians, Iraqis, and other Westerners who have the misfortune to find themselves in their company, Barack Obama orders another mostly inconsequential drone strike. Then turns his attention to raising money to the tune of one billion dollars for his presidential library.

While American soldiers stand idly by twiddling their thumbs and listening to the sound of gunfire off in the distance.

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