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An Inconvenient Truth…

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Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations appear to be falling apart as a result of her lying about Benghazi – among many other things - and her mishandling of classified information. Not to mention her violating the laws governing public records and her possible willful destruction of evidence, both of which may end up in her facing criminal prosecution for obstruction of justice. As a result, the Democratic Party has begun to send out feelers to see if there’s any other potential candidates out there they can muster for the 2016 presidential contest.


Isn’t it interesting that eventually she may end up doing a ‘Perp-Walk’ while her husband has avoided serving time for all that he has done over the years. I’m sure the irony isn’t lost on Hillary that all that she has schemed and plotted for over decades is beginning to come crashing down all around her, while Bill again escapes being held accountable.

Can you imagine that dinner table conversation! Hopefully there aren’t any lamps nearby. Then again, I don’t think anyone really believes that the Clintons actually sit down to have dinner together anymore. Unless it’s for a photo op, or to make sure they’ve got their stories straight about something.

Dusting off and floating the name of Democrat has-been Al “No Controlling Legal Authority” Gore as a potential replacement candidate, the Democratic Party once again goes to its default setting of ‘Comedy Central’ to find someone, anyone who can run against the strong field put forth by the Republicans.

The inconvenient truth about Al Gore is that he has a record of conveniently telling un-truths during his career in public office. Aside from his assertions that the Polar Bears would be extinct by now, Al Gore once came up with the “no controlling legal authority” whopper as some kind of explanation for his violating campaign finance laws.


Sadly the American people bought it, otherwise he would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. Relegated to becoming just another footnote in American history books, and a bonus question at the local VFW Trivia Night.

Truth be told, something Al has had some trouble with over the years, Americans actually didn’t buy it. They just have become so used to politicians torturing the English language in order to explain away their ethical and criminal violations, that Al Gore was allowed to get away with it.

As Bill Clinton’s vice president Al Gore feigned surprise and disappointment when the Monica scandal came to light. Surprise, Surprise! With Bill Clinton’s well-known history of sexual escapades outside of his marriage, and occurring right under Gore’s very nose in the White House, if he actually was surprised at the Monica revelations then that alone should disqualify him from ever again holding public office.

Everybody in the White House knew what was going on and if Gore didn’t then that just means he’s not bright enough to run the government. We need a leader now who can anticipate what our enemies might be up to and listen to White House advisors when they warn of something bad. And show character and take decisive action on behalf of the American people. Neither of which Al Gore did.


I can see it now, Vladimir Putin moves infantry divisions around his western borders threatening American allies in Europe. And with everybody else in our national security apparatus knowing something was up, Al Gore would be surprised and disappointed that the Russians were actually threatening our allies and undermining our position on the European Continent.

Just as he was supposedly surprised when he found out that Bill Clinton was dallying in the Oval Office with a woman young enough to be his daughter. We’ve had over six years of someone in the Oval Office who is clueless about what’s going on in the world, we don’t need any more.

No, either Al Gore turned a blind eye to Bill Clinton’s escapades when he was in a position to show some moral character and stand up for what was right, or he really was clueless about what was going on. Either answer doesn’t speak well of his character or leadership qualities, particularly at such a dangerous time in the world when America desperately needs it.

So as Democrats flail around looking for a viable candidate to replace Hillary on the party’s ticket, in the event she gets fitted for an orange jumpsuit instead of an Inauguration Day pantsuit, Republicans have been able to put forth an excellent field of candidates.


Any one of which who would be much better than the current occupant of the White House, and much better than any of the candidates put forth so far by the Democrats and Comedy Central. Including those possibly waiting in the wings like Al Gore or Joe Biden.

The inconvenient truth is that Democrats are looking backwards for some relic of the past to run for president at a time when the nation needs a new president to take us forward into an uncertain future.

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