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Dr. Mengele, I Presume...

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In early 1945 Dr. Josef Mengele applied for acceptance to work at Auschwitz in southern Poland -- approximately 45 miles from Krakow -- and was accepted and appointed ‘Chief Medical Officer’ for the Nazi concentration camp located there.


Dr. Mengele served in this capacity until January, 1945, when he transferred to another Nazi concentration camp, where he remained until the surrender of German forces to the Allies later that year.

Concerned that he would be arrested, put on trial and executed as a war criminal, Mengele lived under a variety of aliases in the years just following the war. In 1949, he fled Germany and started a new life in Argentina.

Mengele was indeed wanted as a war criminal, but unfortunately, the Allies believed he was no longer alive and that therefore his trail had turned cold. Mengele was never prosecuted for the crimes against humanity that he perpetrated in the name of medical science on Jews and other prisoners at Auschwitz, and at the other places he worked during the war.

Unfortunately, Mengele was never brought to justice -- on February 7, 1979 he suffered a stroke while swimming and died in Bertioga, Brazil. Countless victims of the horrendous medical experiments he conducted under the Nazi banner were denied the opportunity to see him brought to trial, to watch him being held accountable for his horrible crimes, convicted and then executed.

In recent weeks we have been exposed to some horrendous and shocking examples of modern day “crimes against humanity” rivaling the work of Dr. Josef Mengele. These were also conducted in the name of “medical science,” but this time under the banner of Planned Parenthood.


Using the cover of providing “women’s health services” -- though more reminiscent of grave robbers from an old horror film who stole the bodies of the recently deceased in order to sell the corpses for medical research, and thereby profit -- Planned Parenthood has been accused of harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies. All in the name of “women’s health and medical research.”

The ease with which the Planned Parenthood representatives discuss their activities on the secretly recorded video evidence reminds one of the ease with which Josef Mengele stood before the railroad cars carrying Jews arriving at Auschwitz, as he ‘selected’ those who would live -- albeit a horrible and only temporary existence -- while waving the rest toward the gas chambers and crematoriums.

In the recent days following these revelations, we have witnessed Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi actually condemn the group that conducted the undercover investigation and produced the video evidence. While Planned Parenthood representatives are describing the proper way to “crush” a living baby inside the womb, Nancy Pelosi is nearly apoplectic over the fact that these practices are being brought to the public eye.

I’m curious when the Catholic Church is going to finally decide that they’ve had enough of Ms. Pelosi and her championing of the abortion industry, while she professes to be a good, practicing Catholic.


As was expected, the Obama Administration has been silent on the brutal and horrific murders of innocent unborn babies, yet very vocal about protecting the very industry created to profit from the murder of these innocents.

Were we in Germany in the early 1940s, so too would the Nazis champion the rights of abortionists to perform their grisly medical experiments on unborn babies taken from the wombs of women. The so-called doctors practicing such barbarism would also be held accountable by an international tribunal for their crimes against humanity. In fact, many of the targeted babies back then belonged to racial minorities, just as they do now.

Wasn’t there an oath doctors took at one time that went something like, “First, do no harm”?

Josef Mengele would be proud.


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