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Our Greatest National Security Threat? Democrats

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While Barack Obama may believe that climate change is the greatest national security threat facing our nation, a strong case could be made that the president’s own political party actually presents a much more, clear and present danger to the survival of the United States of America.


This week Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for president, announced that she believed that a law should be enacted establishing automatic voter registration upon reaching the age of eighteen.

But Mrs. Clinton is adamantly opposed to any voter identification requirements, accusing Republicans of trying to prevent millions of Americans from exercising that most basic of American rights.

Probably the most important of our Constitutional guarantees as an American citizen, the right to vote and determine our future, yet Mrs. Clinton is more interested in making it easier for anyone to vote, including illegal aliens, convicted felons, and the deceased, than to protect that important right only for Americans. The facts are that the overwhelming majority of voter fraud cases that have occurred in recent elections involve Democrats committing the fraud.

The right to vote that veterans have fought and bled to preserve and protect for American citizens, yet Mrs. Clinton’s position and a position voiced by most Democrats, weakens our election process and certainly is a threat to our national security.

In addition, countless members of the Democrat Party repeatedly try to infringe upon American’s Second Amendment rights, the very right that guarantees our right to vote, by offering any number of strict gun control laws and legislation every chance they get. Including back door efforts by this administration to circumvent the Constitution, the Congress, and the very will of the people.


Secretary of State Clinton oversaw the State Department during the Benghazi attacks which occurred on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack to happen in American history.

Instead of stepping up and working to find the causes of this tragedy and look for answers to help prevent another such attack, Secretary Clinton goes into political self-preservation mode and blames it on an amateur video clip.

Other Democrats fall in line to protect their future candidate for president and place roadblocks in front of committees investigating Benghazi. It seems politics and protecting Hillary for the party is more important than the truth and protecting Americans.

Barack Obama champions his administration for not leaving an American serviceman behind with a choreographed ceremony on the White House lawn, but only after trading five dangerous terrorists for an Army deserter. Yet the Obama Administration was AWOL when it came to providing help to those Americans fighting courageously on a rooftop in Benghazi and most assuredly left them behind.

The president weakens our military through Defense Department budget cuts and controversial social experimentation by allowing gays to serve openly in the military, and their directives to open Special Operations and other combat arms positions to women. Which includes lowering the standards if necessary to make it possible for women to wear the coveted Green Beret or the Navy Trident.

And he continues in his quest to close down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility where the worst of the worst Islamic terrorists are being held securely away from American shores. All the while releasing terrorist after terrorist from GITMO who have returned to Jihad, killing innocent people and American soldiers.


Followed blindly and supported by Democrats in Congress and the Senate, Barack Obama passed the Affordable Care Act which has been eroding and destroying the world’s best health care system ever since. With coverage diminishing and premiums skyrocketing Americans are rapidly turning against the president’s signature legislative accomplishment, if it can be called an accomplishment.

Considering all of the things done by Democrats to weaken the United States of America, it seems the president is completely wrong in his assessment of what’s the most dangerous national security threat facing this country.

All one has to do is look at him and his party’s decisions since he took office and it’s patently obvious that the Democratic Party itself poses the gravest threat to America’s national security.

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