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Lost in a Fog

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As ISIS continues its rampage across Iraq and promises to attack the U.S. homeland, Vladimir Putin’s Russia continues a campaign of aggression in Ukraine and threatens the rest of Europe, and Iran forges ahead in its nuclear weapons program which threatens the entire world, Barack Obama gives speeches proclaiming “climate change” as our most serious national security threat. And our allies across the world shake their heads in amazement at an American president who seems to be completely lost in a fog.


Seemingly obsessed with the highly disputed and questionable theory of man-made climate change, Barack Obama continues to push for strict environmental legislation on American industry at every opportunity, and at the expense of neglecting our national security and protecting America from our enemies around the world.

Barack Obama and his Environmental Protection Agency it would seem are also less concerned about the impact massive red tape and environmental legislation has on the U.S. economy and jobs, than they are about protecting the habitat of the Tucumcari Nocturnal Eight-Legged Cock Roach.

Lost in a fog seems to aptly describe Barack Obama’s national security policies as they relate to the serious challenges currently facing the United States on multiple fronts. Promoting the disputed theory of climate change as the real bogeyman facing America, Barack Obama pays little attention to the true threats facing our nation.

It’s now just 18 months until Barack Obama turns the reins of government over to a successor. A successor who will also inherit a multitude of foreign policy problems left unattended to by Barack Obama.


A president who seems to be simply treading water and counting down the days until he moves out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and starts making millions on the lecture circuit as he resumes his career as a community organizer.

Our allies around the world are also counting down the days until reasonable adults are back running the United States, and not the leftist ideologues of the past six years. They too have a vested interest in America having a competent and responsible leader instead of a freak show.

And in a similar vein our adversaries and enemies too are counting the days left in the Obama Administration. They need to know for planning purposes how many days they have left to take advantage of Barack Obama’s weak and feckless presidency.

America’s enemies are clearly betting that whomever succeeds Barack Obama will not allow them the freedom of movement to enhance the geo-political gains they have staked out or already enjoy under this regime.

The coming months promise to be filled with more and more challenges to America’s leadership in the world coming from the Chinese, the Russians, and most certainly the Iranians who view Barack Obama’s presidency as a ‘gift’ from Allah.


With Barack Obama’s meddling and social engineering of our military, the United States of America may indeed become the “paper tiger” often referred to in the past by Iran’s ruling Mullahs.

And whomever it might be, the 44th President of the United States will have a very deep hole from which to dig this country come Inauguration Day, 2017. The new president may not operate in a fog as Obama has, but there will be a cloud of uncertainty facing the country as a result of Obama’s presidency.

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