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Adios Harry!

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Announcing his retirement at the end of his current term in the United States Senate, Minority Leader Harry Reid will depart a senate that he has played a major part in turning into the most polarized and ineffective branch of government in U.S. history.


Under his majority leadership Reid prevented any useful legislation from reaching a vote from 2010 when Republicans took control of the House until 2014 when the Republicans took control of the Senate. Thereby preventing anything from being accomplished for the American people whom he swore an oath to serve.

His obstructionist efforts brought government to a grinding halt for nothing more than partisan political gain, and in effect causing great detriment to the country. Reid stood in the way of legislation passed by the Republican controlled House which could have proved beneficial to Americans. Not even interested in attempting to work out compromise legislation that could reach the president’s desk.

The word ‘compromise’ and the political give and take that proved so effective during the Reagan years was non-existent for the hyper-partisan Reid, who at times seemed to simply enjoy being an obstructionist for obstructionist-sake. Protecting his political party was far more important to him than the well-being of American citizens.

During the 2012 election Harry Reid had the sheer audacity to stand before the American people and besmirch the integrity of the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, claiming that some “secret source” told him that Romney “had not paid taxes for ten years,” providing no proof or any other means of verifying his scurrilous accusations.

When confronted about his dishonesty during a recent interview Reid smugly smiled and dismissed his lies from the Senate podium by merely pointing out that “Romney lost didn’t he.”


As is typical of modern day Democrats, expressing no shame or embarrassment that he told a bald faced lie to the American people for nothing more than political gain. Certainly a testament to his lack of character, and showing all that he simply is nothing more than a despicable human being.

As Barack Obama’s ‘point man’ in Obama’s efforts to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America, Harry Reid will share equally in how the era of the Obama Administration is remembered by Americans and by history. Which will not be fondly nor kindly.

The legacy of Harry Reid once he departs will be that of someone remembered for the damage he helped cause by shepherding ObamaCare through to completion. And with the help of Nancy Pelosi in the House, for creating an environment in government so toxic whereby senators and congress people from both parties simply could not and would not deal with each other.

But more so he’ll be remembered by many in and out of government as akin to nothing more than something unpleasant one occasionally steps in, and has to wipe off the sole of their shoes.

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