Hillary’s Supreme Court

Posted: Apr 14, 2015 12:01 AM
Hillary’s Supreme Court

With the four conservative justices and the so-called swing vote justice entering the latter stages of their ‘golden years,’ the next president very likely will be appointing three, maybe four justices to replace those vacancies that arise on the Supreme Court during the next administration.

One can rest assured that Hillary Clinton is already planning for the day when she gets to change the flavor of the U.S. Supreme Court for decades to come. Her ‘short list’ of nominees will certainly be a showcase of leftist ideology, one that would likely even make Barack Obama proud.

The Second Amendment would surely come under more of an assault than it has been under Barack Obama, with Hillary playing on the heartstrings of ‘Villagers’ everywhere, claiming that only strict gun control will protect the children they are all raising together.

Homosexual marriage most certainly will be upheld early on by any Hillary Clinton Supreme Court, if it hasn’t already been done during Barack Obama’s remaining time in office.

Those supporting religious freedom already under assault during the Obama Administration will find themselves facing an even more uphill battle to keep Freedom of religion guaranteed by our Constitution intact.

Not only the Supreme Court, but federal courts and appeals courts around the country will be filled with Hillary’s leftist appointees, ready and willing to help finish the “fundamental transformation” of this country started under Barack Obama.

After eight years of a politicized Justice Department under Barack Obama and Eric Holder things likely won’t be improved under Hillary Clinton’s appointee, whatever her name might be. And certainly Hillary will never be held accountable for Benghazi or any of her other illegal activities.

Add to the nightmare scenario of a Hillary Administration will be the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff’s first woman service chief, maybe even as chairman guiding our military strategy and tactics for years to come. Promoted ahead of other well qualified and seasoned combat veterans solely on the basis of her gender. She might well even be flying the rainbow colored flag on the front fenders of her staff car.

And remember if Hillary gets elected we automatically have her for eight years. Regardless of how bad she makes things and how much damage she does to this once great country, as it was with her predecessor Barack Obama the country’s first black president, she will be guaranteed a second term to ensure that she does not go down in history as a one term failed presidency.

During those eight years lots of Supreme Court justices and federal court judges will most assuredly pass on or retire. Hillary will have the opportunity to put her peculiar brand on this country for many decades to come. If we survive as a nation that is.