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Bravo Tom Cotton!

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While the Obama Administration and their allies in the Democrat Party and news media may have gotten their panties in a twist over the open letter to the Iranian leadership signed by Republican senators led by Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, those who recognize and understand the Iranian threat offer a full-throated ‘Bravo’ to the group of Republican senators for their courage to step up and be heard.


Since the White House seems bent on securing a deal with Iran regardless of whether it’s a good deal or not, it’s incumbent on Americans of conscience such as Tom Cotton and the others to speak up. The people of this country deserve no less than a vigorous debate over the merits of entering into any agreement with a regime that has proven time and again that they can’t be trusted.

Senator Cotton having served in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan knows full well of the Iranian hand in the maiming and killing of countless American service people. Iranian interference in Iraqi affairs was well known to the American military leadership in Iraq during the Iraq war. In fact, a number of Iranian Quds Force members were captured inside Iraq by American forces on more than one occasion.

Iran was also responsible for shipping weaponry and explosives to the Iraqi insurgency, along with the technology to make them more lethal to use against American forces. Iran certainly was no bystander during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the effort to rebuild Iraq after the removal of Saddam Hussein. Though their contributions were definitely not of a constructive nature.


History has shown that the Iranian leadership will not abide by any agreement they may enter into since it goes against the ultimate goal that they have publicly voiced repeatedly, which is to destroy the United States of America and Israel. And to spread their version of Islam around the world.

Basically in their minds they are on a mission from God. Consider this, if a person believes that on the one hand they have instructions from God telling them to do something, and then on the other hand they have a treaty between two nations prohibiting them from doing that very thing, what do you think the religious zealots in Tehran are going to do ?

You guessed it, they will follow what their version of a religious conscience tells them to do, which is do the bidding of ‘God’. In the case of the Iranians that means using deceit, subterfuge, and lies to conceal their activities, and to continue their efforts to develop nuclear weapons in pursuit of their ultimate goal of destroying Israel and the United States.

So while the Obama Administration decries the Republican senators interference in the negotiations with Iran, many of us are fully supportive of any and all efforts being made to insure the Obama Administration does not enter into an agreement with Iran that allows Iran the ability to continue their pursuit of nuclear weapons. Including derailing the negotiations if necessary to save the American people from the Iranians, and from the Obama Administration.


Desperation is not a good negotiating tactic, yet that appears to be the ‘trump card’ the Obama Administration seems to be playing. So desirous of an agreement that they will agree to nearly anything to give Barack Obama a foreign policy achievement for his presidency, and Secretary of State John Kerry the ego stroke he so craves, his very own Nobel Peace Prize to hang on his office wall.

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