Nancy Pelosi, the Poster Child for Term Limits

Posted: Mar 05, 2015 12:01 AM

The childish behavior of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi during the address before the Joint Session of Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, shows us once again that we have reached the point in American politics where the inmates are definitely running the asylum. Or perhaps I should say those ‘who should be inmates’.

Pelosi, the Democrat congresswoman from California and former House Speaker accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of “insulting the intelligence of the American people” following his address. Many who observed her antics during Netanyahu’s speech would say instead that Pelosi was ‘an embarrassment to the American people’.

At no other time in my memory has the leader of a foreign nation who was invited to speak in the once hallowed chambers of our government been treated to such a display of insulting and immature behavior by an American law maker.

Turning her back to Netanyahu repeatedly during his address Pelosi displayed the type of manners one would expect to see from an immature middle school teeny bopper listening to a guest speaker on ‘botany’ in a school gymnasium, as opposed to the behavior one should expect from a senior American government official.

The grimaces, frowns, and wild-eyed glaring must have really put some undo pressure on Pelosi’s ‘treatments’. So exaggerated (and obnoxious I would add), were her facial expressions and gestures that Miss Nancy surely will have to go in for a BOTOX tune-up in order to get her face back into some semblance of normalcy.

The way Nancy Pelosi acted begs to question how she would feel were the roles reversed and her president was treated with such disrespect and disdain by some foreign government officials who were watching Barack Obama giving an address.

One can make a sure bet that Ms. Pelosi would be up in arms angry about such treatment being afforded to her president, yet she was quite comfortable making a fool out of herself in front of the Israeli prime minister.

As an American I was profoundly embarrassed for my country yesterday, not only by the fact that dozens of Democrats chose to boycott an important address by one of America’s staunchest allies, but also by the juvenile behavior Nancy Pelosi displayed during Benjamin Netanyahu’s address.

We can only hope that the constituents of Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district will remember how she embarrassed the United States of America, and she will be held accountable.