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The State Department ‘Office of Babble’

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Continuing the babble that has been emanating from the Department of State for over six years now spokesperson Marie Harf recently suggested that if ISIS terrorists had decent jobs they wouldn’t be lopping off heads.


It’s difficult to know where to begin in discussing Ms. Harf’s comments. In fact I stared at my computer monitor for over an hour digesting what she said before my fingertips ever touched the keyboard.

Unfortunately this has been a regular occurrence every time Ms. Harf and her colleague Jen Psaki give an official statement on behalf of the Department of State. It always requires time to take some deep breaths and gather oneself before commenting on statements given by this agency over the last six years.

Since the start of the Obama Administration back in 2009, initially under the leadership(?) of Hillary Clinton and now with John Kerry occupying the Foggy Bottom offices of the secretary of state, the babble that the department’s spokespersons have been putting out has always been difficult to swallow. But now it seems to have reached a new level of the absurd.

All they really need is good jobs ? Suggesting that the on-going depredations committed by “ISLAMIC” terrorists like ISIS is directly related to the unemployment rate in the Muslim world is beyond bizarre, it borders on sheer lunacy ! This is the best the Department of State has to offer as an explanation why ISIS is lighting people on fire and butchering captured CHRISTIANS like cattle?


Listening to and watching Marie Harf or Jen Psaki give an official statement and take questions is to me reminiscent of being back in grade school, where each class always had the one teacher’s pet who stayed inside during recess and cleaned the blackboards while the rest of the class was outside playing kick ball.

There was always one student in every class whose hand shot up like a rocket ship into the sky with an answer every time the teacher asked a question. Then she would answer quickly and then smugly look around at the rest of the class thinking to herself “look how smart I am, you cretins”.

On those occasions when she answered incorrectly because she was so intent on being the first to raise her hand and didn’t wait to hear the whole question, the teacher would always very politely correct her so as not to damage the poor thing’s psyche. I can’t help but make that comparison in my mind every time I see Marie or Jen. The visual just seems to fit so perfectly.

I have always been curious if these government spokespeople really believe the babble they produce, or in the case of this administration they are just doing a very difficult job of covering up for or explaining the administration’s screw-ups to the best of their ability. Always sticking to the party line their bosses are promoting even though they know it’s a bunch of hogwash.


But watchingMarie Harf and her colleague Jen Psaki I can’t help but think that they are both true believers. They both just seem like the types who buy into everything this administration and their boss at the State Department decide to put out. Regardless of how mindless and absurd it might be.

If one were to accept Marie Harf’s comments as an accurate description of the problem then my question is when is the State Department going to send people to hold job fairs in Benghazi and Mosul? I guess one can then expect that this will solve the problem of ISIS atrocities and will get the butchers to stop butchering other human beings, specifically stop butchering CHRISTIAN human beings.

And then next the Obama Administration can start talking about a ‘bail out’ for ISIS. Yeah Marie, that’s the ticket!

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