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Liberal Mental Illness

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Reading recently that the New York Times has suggested that former President Bush and Vice President Cheney be prosecuted for “torture” I was overcome with sadness. Sad in knowing that, in America, we still have people suffering from forms of mental illness which give little hope of recovery, allowing the sufferers to lead a normal, rational life.


Specifically I’m referring to those at the New York Times and many others of like mindedness who are afflicted with ‘Bush-Cheney Derangement Syndrome’, or BCDS for short. Unfortunately this devastating mental illness is alive and rampant in the liberal world.

Former President George W. Bush and his Vice President Dick Cheney have been gone from the White House for six years now, yet liberals around the country, including the president and his administration continue to suffer from the debilitating affects of ‘BCDS’.

For the uninformed, those suffering from BCDS can be easily recognized if one knows what to look for. Typically all one has to do is initiate a discussion about politics, including social and national security issues, and immediately a glazed look will cross the face of a BCDS sufferer, followed almost immediately by a ‘wild-eyed’ manifestation.

Sputtering and stuttering they will begin to speak in an unrecognizable language, similar to what Evangelicals describe as ‘speaking in tongues’, with the only words that are understandable being “Bush”, “Cheney”, “Evil”.


Is there any hope for those tormented by BCDS ? Unfortunately at this point in time it appears hopeless for the BCDS afflicted. Most are capable of functioning in society, some even end up hosting television programs on MSNBC. Chris Matthews is an example of a BCDS sufferer who is able to function with limited supervision in society.

His is a somewhat unique case in that in addition to the incoherent ramblings associated with most BCDS afflicted, he also experiences sensations up and down his leg. Fortunately considering the small numbers of people who actually watch his program, themselves all BCDS sufferers, his influence is very limited.

What can one do to help? Considering that most BCDS sufferers cannot be cured, prevention is the answer. Work hard to limit anyone’s exposure to liberals, the illness can be highly contagious if not isolated and kept away from young, impressionable minds. Unfortunately American colleges and universities are breeding grounds for BCDS.

Volunteering to work for conservative causes and supporting conservative candidates for political office is one way. Speaking out and correcting the record when facts and information is distorted and twisted by the BCDS afflicted is important to help lessen the chance that they will infect others.


And remember, compassion for the mentally ill is important. But sufferers from Bush-Cheney Derangement Syndrome need to be restrained in order to protect society from the threat of infection posed by those who look to blame the Bush Administration for everything that ails America.

We can control BCDS, and we must in order to save the United States from this devastating mental illness that is destroying the very fiber of our country.

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