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Benghazi Baloney

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Forget the recent Congressional Committee report absolving the Obama Administration of wrongdoing over the attacks in Benghazi which resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other brave Americans.


The real question underlying Benghazi is why Americans serving this country overseas were set up to be killed by a State Department who ignored warnings from security experts that the Benghazi Consulate was ‘ripe for the picking’ for terrorists intent on attacking Americans, and American interests in Libya.

As has been the practice of this administration since it took office, the default position is to obfuscate, delay, blame others, or lie when confronted with their failures. Hence Susan Rice’s appearance on news programs following the Benghazi tragedy.

As expected the “mainstream media” exhibited a remarkable lack of curiosity about the details of the Benghazi attacks, beyond reporting the fact that the attacks had occurred.

Once initial indications showed that the Obama Administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have some culpability resulting from their lack of security preparations as we approached the anniversary of September 11, 2001, the media went into full damage control mode protecting Obama and Clinton as best they could.

Either questioning the integrity and motives of career diplomats, investigators, and Congressional committees, or accusing outright that calls for an investigation were “politically motivated”, The Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton, and their allies in the news media went into ‘attack mode’ as a means of covering up their own negligence.


Oh to have been a fly on the wall watching Secretary Clinton rehearse her anticipated testimony before the congressional committee looking into the Benghazi failures. Just how many ‘takes’ did it require for her to be able to show the right amount of indignation as she pounded the table in front of her in the rehearsal room ? Did she have to repeat it, watching the video playback over and over so that she could get it right for her performance in front of Congress ? One can imagine the laughter around the room as Clinton screwed up her lines and had to ‘take it from the top’ again and again. A little chilling when one thinks about it, considering what she was to testify about.

An unbiased look at the facts we do know about what happened in Benghazi shows that at the least what was determined was there was evidence of poor judgment and planning on the part of the Obama Administration’s State Department, overseen by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Enough to harm her future political aspirations ? Apparently the Clinton’s thought so, which is why they and their supporters went into full attack mode against anyone, including honorable career diplomats, military members, and other government officials who might present a potential threat by telling the truth.


While the deaths of four dedicated Americans serving their country is certainly a tragedy for the families of those who lost their lives, it’s also a great loss for this nation. We depend upon dedicated and conscientious people to help defend America’s interests overseas, and spread the message of America as a beacon of freedom in a far too often dangerous world. The fact that no one has been held accountable in the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s State Department is an outrage.

While career bureaucrats sat on their posteriors in Washington, D.C. looking for ways to ‘cover their backsides’, courageous Americans put their lives on the line, and in Benghazi gave their lives, in service to a grateful nation.

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