The “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Illusion

Posted: Dec 03, 2014 12:01 AM
The “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Illusion

Considering all of the lies coming out of the ongoing Ferguson tragedy that have been told by supposed “witnesses” to the incident, it’s difficult to pick out one that stands alone. However, there is one lie that is head and shoulders above all of the other fairy tales told by ‘the Brown Faction’, and it has to be considered among the worst of the long list of fabrications surrounding this incident. The “Hands up, don’t shoot” myth.

This lie and others have been repeated by the race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder. A lie that the news media has broadcast around the world. It has become the new symbolic rallying cry of the racially aggrieved. I’m talking specifically about “Hands up, don’t shoot” ! A myth that is being perpetuated at protests that have been occurring across the country.

The myth has shown up at professional football games, and now on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives by members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Standing with hands raised in the air, symbolically portraying Michael Brown surrendering to Officer Darren Wilson as he was shot and killed by the officer. The telling and retelling of the lie that Michael Brown was murdered on the streets of Ferguson by a racist cop.

But the real message that is being conveyed is that this gesture symbolically portrays ‘Every Black Man’s last moments’, as they are gunned down by racist police departments every day all across America. Another myth.

While statistically very few black men are killed in the line of duty by police, the facts have become irrelevant to the racially aggrieved. They are more concerned with the illusion they are projecting across America and the entire world. That innocent young black males are being shot as they casually walk down the street minding their own business, by police officers who racially profile them, shoot them, and then engage in character assassination in order to justify murdering a young black male surrendering with his hands in the air.

Fearing the loss of the political advantage they have enjoyed over the last six years, black politicians aligned with the Democratic Party are engaging in every racial card trick they can play in order to gain as much leverage as they can during President Obama’s last two years.

Using racial card tricks has been a strategy of the black activists for some time. While groups like the New Black Panthers are open and up front about their hatred for whitey, black politicians are more subtle. They try to hide their own racism against white people amid their cries of racial justice for black people. Their own racism lies just below the surface, barely concealed.

Honesty has no place in the racial card tricks being played in Ferguson and Washington, D.C. Honesty doesn’t achieve the results sought by the racially aggrieved. Lies, distortions and deceit are the weapons of choice in achieving whatever their goals are. The truth about and causes of the ‘black condition’ in America isn’t always pretty, and certainly doesn’t support their political arguments.

It doesn’t matter if Officer Wilson’s life and career has been ruined. He’s just a pawn in their game. Those with intellectual honesty know full well that Officer Wilson acted both legally and morally, and in defense of his own life when he shot and killed Michael Brown.

This is about black Democrat politicians and race hustlers like Al Sharpton panicking because of the recent elections. They know that they have only two years left in Barack Obama’s presidency. A president who has proven himself not to be ‘President of All Americans” as he once proclaimed, but as one favoring the ‘racially aggrieved’. And a presidency severely weakened by Republicans control of the House and the Senate. What you can’t gain through the electoral process, then try to gain by screaming “racism” !

Unfortunately for America, Officer Wilson is just a ‘discard’ played in the deck of racial card tricks being used for political purposes by those determined to continue the myth and illusion of “Hands up, don’t shoot”.