The ‘Useful Idiots’ of Ferguson

Posted: Nov 27, 2014 12:01 AM

We’ve all seen them in the news footage coming out of the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson since the August 9th shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by a white Police Officer. Interspersed among the demonstrators are the white faces, some young, some old, standing indignantly arm in arm with their black brethren. Protesting against the injustices perpetrated against the black community in general, and Michael Brown in particular by racist police.

Mixed in with the anarchists, the New Black Panthers, and opportunistic looters and other criminals you’ll find the idealists. Supporters of all liberal causes, sometimes to the extreme, they have never found a cause they didn’t adopt. Clinging to them like that warm and fluffy security blanket they had as a child. Bringing them reassurance of their value as a member of the human race.

You can find them showing up to ‘Save the Whales’, or they’ll bemoan the loss of the redwoods, the Spotted Owl, and just about any other ‘worthy cause’ that attracts people like them. People who live for the opportunity to join hands with other like-minded individuals and expend their energies for what in their minds is a worthy and noble effort. Demonstrating against injustice and to ‘make the world a better place’.

Also known as ‘Useful Idiots’.

Some of the older ones come from the ‘Woodstock Generation’, trying desperately to reclaim their youth and relive the ‘glory days of civil disobedience’. The younger ones often are trying to create their own modern day version of Woodstock, being envious that they can only read about it since they weren’t around to have participated years ago in the real ‘Woodstock experience’.

Unfortunately for them they are often times used by politicians and other scavengers to help lend numbers to their cause, and perhaps ‘diversity’ to whatever endeavor they’re promoting. Protesting for Mike Brown ? Toss in some white faces to show the strength of your numbers and the nobility of your cause. After all, what speaks more on the evening news than to have some white faces carrying a sign and chanting your slogan ?

Most of these useful idiots can be seen laughing and smiling, holding hands, linking arms and joining in chants with people they would never live next door to. Their loyalty to a cause doesn’t carry them that far. “I mean after all, isn’t coming down to the ghetto good enough, I don’t actually have to LIVE with these people do I ?”

But they are indeed useful to the race hustlers like Al Sharpton. Though I find it kind of curious that you never see one up on the stage right there next to Revered Al as he basks in his glory. But the useful idiots don’t mind, since they don’t really know that they’re being used by Al.

Do they ever really accomplish anything ? Sometimes they accomplish getting themselves arrested as they lay down in a street, recreating some symbolic gesture. Then they’ll post bail and pay the fines with their own money never to be reimbursed by the people like Al Sharpton, who is only interested in ramping up the volume of the protests in order to provoke the police into stepping in and making arrests. All so that Al Sharpton can get face-time on the evening news.

Though a useful idiot, most are probably genuinely good, decent people. But very, very naïve, and clearly lacking an understanding of the facts. Unfortunately for them they’ll never understand that they’re being used. They’ll never understand that the people like Al Sharpton who are using them could care less about them personally. Or what might happen to them. After all, to Al Sharpton and the leaders of the Ferguson insurgency they’re just a white face in the crowd. Just another useful idiot.