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Ferguson, the Verdict is….

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Officials and residents in the St. Louis, Missouri suburb of Ferguson await with anticipation any day now the release of the Grand Jury decision in the Michael Brown case.Police officials are gearing up for potentially large-scale civil unrest and rioting if the Grand Jury declines to issue a True Bill of Indictment against Officer Darren Wilson, effectively clearing the officer of wrong-doing for killing the black teenager following what the officer says, and evidence indicates was a struggle over the officer’s gun.Autopsy results also appear to back up Officer Wilson’s version of events, contrary to statements given by Michael Brown’s companion Dorian Johnson, who claimed Michael Brown had his hands raised and was surrendering when he was shot by police.


It’s also been reported that additional witnesses, a number of whom are African American have stepped forward during the investigation and supported the officer’s statements about the shooting.

Unfortunately following the shooting events quickly spiraled out of control and rioting forced a strong response from police.Rioting largely caused by outside influences, including the obligatory visits by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who always show up in situations like this when they see an opportunity to jump before a TV camera, and culminating with representatives coming from the White House to attend Michael Brown’s funeral.The case has also become something of a ‘Cause celebre’ for young people on college campuses across the country since it was reported that Michael Brown was preparing to “start college” at the time he was killed.

Periodic demonstrations and civil unrest led by a conglomeration of members from the New Black Panthers, anarchists, and white useful idiots still feeling guilty over slavery from one hundred fifty years ago have continued since August 9th, the day Michael Brown was shot.Few of the demonstrators and rioters are actually Ferguson residents.

Attorney General Eric ‘Chip on His Shoulder’ Holder also came to Ferguson shortly after the shooting to assure the rioters that the Obama Administration was on top of things.A couple of dozen FBI agents and Justice Department investigators also arrived to conduct an investigation separate from local authorities.Before any investigation had been completed or all evidence collected, with a wink and a nod to his black audience Holder promised a full investigation, and to vigorously prosecute Officer Wilson using federal civil rights charges if the investigation showed Officer Wilson acted improperly.


In the ensuing weeks information has been leaking out from the investigation which appears to indicate that in fact Officer Wilson was clearly justified in using deadly force against Michael Brown.The investigation has also shown that the claims by many very questionable “witnesses” that Michael Brown was murdered by Officer Wilson appear to be clear fabrications from people who were nowhere near the scene of the shooting at the time it happened.Clearly lies told to investigators by angry black people who care nothing about real ‘justice’, but are only interested in exacting a sick sort of revenge against the police in general, and Officer Darren Wilson in particular.A modern day lynch mob looking for a white person to ‘string him up’.

The truth of the matter is that Officer Wilson did not leave his home that day intending to shoot anyone, much less Michael Brown. What happened that day on a Ferguson street was the result of the young black teenager being raised in a dysfunctional urban environment, which neglects to teach its’ youths to obey the law and to respect authorities.To work and study hard in school as a means to success, and to accept personal responsibility for their actions.Ask any police officer who works in and around Ferguson, or any major American city for that matter, and they’ll tell you that nowadays when they encounter a young black man it’s more often than not an unpleasant encounter.Dealing with such negativity day in and day out it’s no wonder that police suffer such high rates of alcoholism, divorce, and other physical and mental health issues.


With rumors flying that the Grand Jury decision will be released in the coming days news media organizations from around the world are scarfing up hotel rooms around St. Louis in anticipation of some great video shots of ‘aggrieved’ African Americans wailing and crying in the streets, since things seem to indicate the decision will be to clear the officer.The only real question is how the black college students at Howard University are going to react to the decision.Will there be cheering and celebrations as occurred when O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder back in 1995.Or is that reaction only reserved for when a black person gets away with killing white people?

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