Americans Clinging to Their Guns and Religion, and to Their Country

Posted: Nov 07, 2014 12:01 AM

During the 2008 presidential campaign candidate Barack Obama was quoted belittling Americans during a campaign fund-raising speech, saying that we “cling to our guns and religion”. Considering the record of the Obama Administration over the past six years, Americans in fact have been desperately clinging to their country.

Starting with the Democrats ignoring public opposition to ObamaCare and passing a health care bill that no Democratic legislator had even read, and Americans by a large majority didn’t want, to the surrender of our sovereignty along our Southwest border, Americans have seen their country piece by piece being taken away from them and replaced with something entirely unrecognizable. Done by an administration which obviously didn’t care much what ‘we the people’ had to say about it.

During yesterday’s press conference President Obama clearly said that he was listening to the two-thirds of American people who didn’t vote, apparently more than the Americans who soundly defeated his party and his vision for America. In other words, those who lacked the patriotism to exercise their right to vote counted for more to the president than the patriots who stepped forward and gave their voice to this country.

The Obama Administration has obfuscated, covered up, and outright lied to the American people on a variety of issues over the past six years. Benghazi, the IRS, and Fast and Furious to name just a few of the scandals that have plagued this administration. Watching press briefings since Obama took office has been entertaining to say the least. Never have so few said so little to so many for so long. I keep expecting for the lightning bolts to come crashing through the briefing room ceiling. The White House must have an excellent electrical grounding system in place, otherwise being an Obama press secretary could be a very hazardous job indeed.

Tuesday’s election results have given encouragement to Americans struggling to defend against the agenda Barack Obama and his supporters have been trying to foist upon a nation no longer interested in his version of “hope and change”.

Yes, Americans in fact are clinging to our religion and our guns. And clinging to our country, and the hope that America can survive intact as a Democratic Republic for the next two years. Two years which promise to be fraught with peril as President Obama ignores the voices and the votes of the patriots, and continues to go forward with his plans for the “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America.