The Ferguson Insurgency

Posted: Oct 15, 2014 12:01 AM
The Ferguson Insurgency

Demonstrators and activists in the St. Louis area declared the Columbus Day weekend as a weekend of protest, aimed at bringing attention to the shooting of black teen Michael Brown by a white police officer. Protestors fanned out across this Midwestern metropolitan area to demonstrate in a variety of venues and promote the cause that “black lives matter”, to quote one of the placards being waved around.

Since August 9th when Michael Brown committed a strong arm robbery and was confronted by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, a confrontation which ultimately resulted in Wilson shooting and killing Brown, Ferguson and the entire St. Louis metropolitan region has been gripped by a constant tug of war between the police trying to restore order and peace and allow the criminal justice system to follow its’ course, and a disparate group bent on continuing the protests and violence. New Black Panther activists, black Missouri state senators allied with the protestors and rioters, anarchists who show up anywhere that offers them an opportunity to destroy property, and white useful idiots who have fallen for the old line of blacks being “oppressed”. All drawn together for one purpose, to throw out the Constitution of the United States and demand Officer Wilson be arrested, prosecuted, jailed, and executed, regardless of what the evidence shows. Basically a modern day lynch mob. Or better yet an insurgency determined to force society to acquiesce to their demands, or else.

After all, what does an insurgency do but riot and destroy property, attack the authorities, in this case the police, and threaten to spread their ‘revolution’. As the Ferguson insurgency has done, threatening next time to “burn down the white areas”.

Once Officer Wilson is exonerated of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of Michael Brown (and he will be) the evidence will show Officer Wilson was justified and acted within the law. Beyond what the evidence will show the State of Missouri also still has a ‘Fleeing Felon’ law on the books, allowing the police to use deadly force to affect the arrest of any felony suspect attempting to flee arrest. Remember, Michael Brown had just committed a ‘strong-arm robbery’, by Missouri Statute, Robbery 2nd Degree. A felony. And he definitely was trying to flee. The Ferguson insurgency has threatened to murder police officers and white people in general to achieve “justice” if Officer Wilson doesn’t receive the “justice” they deem appropriate. If we take them at their word, not only will the City of Ferguson burn, but many of the surrounding communities in St. Louis County will also fall victim to the insurgency.

One hope for stemming the expected violence is that weather prognosticators in the mid-west are correct in that this winter will be as bad or worse than last winter was in the St. Louis region. Perhaps the Grand Jury will release their findings when there’s a foot of snow on the ground in St. Louis and the temperature is fourteen below zero.